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PRC30e and CEP2 help

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Posted 12 October 2006 - 01:32 AM

Ok, thanks!

Now, how do I unlock the official "premium" modules (Kingmaker, Shadowguard, Witch's Wake)? They're also packaged in NWM format and don't show up in toolset or PRC updater...

You can't open them in the toolset. :( According to Bioware it is because of the security features that they put in. I am surprised that the PRC updater doesn't show them, but that might be for the same reason. There have been complaints about this on the Bioware forums, but so far there's no sign of it changing.

And you do have to rebuild the modules. It does take a lot of time, but the error messages are almost entirely harmless, in fact most of them are to do with resources that don't exist in the unmodified game. I've had the earlier version of the CEP installed on SoU and HotU with no problems for at least a year, so I don't think this version will be a problem. The PRC also works with these, though you have to use their fix with the original campaign.

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Posted 02 August 2010 - 03:26 AM

Here pro5, I attached it cause I cant find it anymore.


Does anyone still have this? I realize that I have just performed thread Necromancy, but I am holed up in bed with a leg broken in two places. I need a project! Thank you!
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