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Nathaniel Overview

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Though you do not need to start a new game to have Nathaniel join your party, as with all NPCs it is advisable to have him join early in order to view all his banters and interjections. He banters with all the Bioware joinable NPCs and comments on many of the quests available. Nathaniel is found in the North-Eastern area of the Docks District of Athkatla and will initiate dialogue when you are close enough.

Romancing Nathaniel
Nathaniel romances human, elven or half-elven males of Good or Lawful Neutral alignment providing they are not thieves. Note that he will romance druids, but not males of other classes who are aligned True Neutral.
Note that if you rush to kill Bodhi before the romance is 'committed', you will miss out on a significant portion of the romance.
At various points it is possible to break off the romance during dialogue.
Nathaniel's lovetalk music is an excerpt from B.G.N., Variation XII of Elgar's Enigma Variations.

Player-initiated dialogues
If you are romancing Nathaniel, you have the opportunity to initiate dialogue with him if you click the Talk icon and click on Nathaniel's portrait or avatar. He too will periodically talk to you, separately from the main romantic talks. Note that the list of options available varies greatly throughout the romance, so check often.
If you are not comfortable with the content, ask him to stop and he will. You can also break off the romance using the player-initiated dialogues. There is also the opportunity to platonically talk to Nathaniel if you are not romancing him using the same method.
This technology was originally developed by Jason Compton and Jesse Meyers for the Kelsey NPC mod.

Optional Content
Solaufein Conflict:
Installing this component results in Nathaniel breaking up with the PC if the Solaufein Romance progresses far enough. It affects Nathaniel's behaviour but does not alter Solaufein's dialogue or script. Do not install this component if you enjoy the multi-romance aspect of the Solaufein mod. Note that Solaufein is needed for this component to be installed, but you can install Solaufein later and return to Setup-Nathaniel-SoA.exe for the conflict installation.

Kelsey Banters:
Installing this component enables talks to occur between Nathaniel and Kelsey. Note that Kelsey is needed for this component to be installed, but you can install Kelsey later and return to Setup-Nathaniel-SoA.exe for the banter installation.

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