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The Luxley Family: Overview and Readme

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Posted 13 December 2006 - 03:48 PM

The Luxley Family Readme


The Luxley Family is a mod that introduces two joinable NPCs, Sebastian and Andrei Luxley, to your game. They can be found in the South-East part of the bridge district from the beginning of the game. Both Sebastian and Andrei interact with all of the Bioware NPCs.

Sebastian and Andrei will both talk to the PC regardless of gender, race, class and alignment; they will also banter with each other extensively throughout the game.

Sebastian Ambrose Xavier Luxley
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Playwright (kitted bard)

Chaotic Neutral

Strength 10
Dexterity 13
Constitution 13
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 15
Charisma 17

The Playwright is a bard who has chosen to spend his time studying and researching for artistic works-in-progress. They appreciate knowledge for its own sake as well as for use in a stage production, and eschew the combative aspects of adventuring.

- +10% Lore bonus
- One bonus spell slot per spell level

- -2 THACO penalty
- -20% pickpocketing penalty
- -2 damage penalty
- May not place proficiency points in weapon styles

It is fair to say that whenever you question SEBASTIAN about himself he is maddeningly elusive. He is a playwright by trade - or so he says, though he is secretive about his writings and claims that a great deal of what he writes would go over your head. He has a keen sense of frivolity and seems to take little in life with any seriousness. Nevertheless, on occasion it appears that there is something else going on with him, and it would be unwise to underestimate his intelligence.

Andrei Turi Xavier Luxley
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Lawful Neutral

STR: 16
DEX: 16
CON: 14
INT: 12
WIS: 9
CHA: 12

ANDREI smiles when you ask him about himself. Though he is willing to talk about his relatives and is forthright about his beliefs, he is politely evasive on some subjects. He is skilled in hand-to-hand combat, a skill he developed at a young age, and was trained by an older member of his family. Despite his combat expertise, Andrei has only just left the family estate and seems a little naive about certain aspects of everyday life that you, perhaps, take for granted. Nevertheless, he comes across as quietly confident and it is rare to see him stray from a path he has chosen.

Extra Andrei information:
Andrei can be provoked into rages that overwhelm his relatively mild personality and make him foulmouthed and aggressive. These rages affect his ability to attack with as much precision as he's normally able to, but the anger fuelling his strikes means that he does more damage than normal.

Sebastian and Andrei's relationship at first appears to be simple, treating each other with teasing, long-suffering affection in the way that only family members truly can. However, both of them have their depths, and their relationship is no different. As the mod progresses, the way that Sebastian and Andrei interact with each other will go through several drastic changes, and the culmination of their friendship is ultimately up to the direction of the player.

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