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Posted 19 December 2006 - 07:52 PM

So what is the NPC Interaction Expansion Project, anyway?
The NPC Interaction Expansion Project (NPC IEP) is an attempt to bring more realism and interest to the Baldur's Gate 2 characters by adding more interjections, friendships and scenery dialogue into the game.

Exactly how much dialogue are we talking here?
A lot or a little, depending on your preferences; if you just want to install interjections, you can do that - or if you'd like interjections, friendships and scenery dialogue you can also do that. The NPC Interaction Expansion Project will have many options, so you can play just like you want to.

Friendships? What do you mean by that?
Generally, a 'Friendship' is a series of dialogues between the NPC and the PC in which the PC can befriend the NPC. In this case, that doesn't always hold true - what we mean by a 'Friendship' is an extended series of dialogues with the PC (usually 8-12 or so), which often has several directions to go in, and you can roleplay to your heart's content - there will be just as many evil and neutral dialogue options as good options, so those who like to play evil get their fair share as well!

Scenery Dialogue?
Scenery dialogue is dialogue relating to the plot, or the actual scenery, and is not related to the friendships. Each NPC has a different amount of scenery dialogue - while some have 5 or six over SoA/ToB, others have closer to 8-10.

Will the IEP be released at once, or in phases?
The IEP will be released as it is done - so if one friendship is completed, it will be released and available for download, etc.

So does this expand just on the joinable Bioware NPCs?
The NPC Interaction Expansion Project also gives you the opportunity to flesh out your PC quite a bit through dialogue with the other NPCs. There are discussions going on about adding some small quests to the game, as well as expand several scenes.

Which characters will have 'friendships'?
All Bioware NPCs will have 'friendships', including the romanceable NPCs - some friendships are longer than others, however; Yoshimo's, for example, will span around 6 dialogues, whilst Viconia's spans around 16.

Why create this mod?
Primarily because we felt that the interactions in BG2 were lacking. The Banter Project adds some wonderful banter to the game, but the interactions with the environment and the PC could have been more interesting and numerous. Several NPCs were also, we felt, very underdeveloped and underrepresented - Nalia, Cernd and Korgan, especially - and so we determined to try to amend this.

Can I contribute?
Of course! We welcome any and all contributors; if you have a suggestion or topic which you think merits discussion, please post and we'll reply as soon as we can! This is a large undertaking, and we'd like it to be as good as it possibly can be.

Will this mod change content already in the game?
As a rule, we will not change any pre-existing game content, with the exception of several things (such as Aerie's giving birth, which will go through a rewrite).

Will the NPC IEP change the personalities of any of the characters?
No - we are attempting to remain completely faithful to the personalities Bioware presented us with.

Is this a WeiDU mod?
Of course - would we do anything else?

Will this mod conflict with zyx?
The NPC IEP is a WeiDU mod, and so will be compatible with most things - however, there may be some story conflicts due to the different interpretations by the author. We will endeavor to completely remove or at least keep these to a bare minimum - we will do everything we can to keep the NPC IEP compatible with any and all mods.

Is this a SoA & ToB or SoA or ToB mod?
Eventually, the Interaction Expansion Project will be for both SoA and ToB.

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Posted 31 March 2007 - 02:36 AM

Updated slightly.