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Information on Iylos

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Posted 22 December 2006 - 10:26 PM

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Iylos NPC


For all BGII games: BGII, BGT, BGII:EE, and EET.


Iylos Mirdan



Lawful Good

Strength: 16
Dexterity: 17
Constitution: 14
Intelligence: 15
Wisdom: 12
Charisma 14
Total stats: 88

Iylos Mirdan is from Amkethran, a Desert City near the border of Tethyr. He is a very serious man at first glance, but a second shows that he has an ironic, slightly twisted sense of humour which doesn't exactly fit with one's general idea of a monk. He fights offensively and aggressively, seeking out the weakness of an opponent before taking them out as quickly and efficiently as possible, and possesses a somewhat sour disposition.

He has never had a family, and was trained as a monk in the Monastery in Amkethran. He is totally devoted to the Monastery, and to a lesser extent Balthazar.

He is confident in his abilities, and can get angry quite easily - he circumnavigates this problem using his monk training, but he is easily riled up. When he joins the party, he makes no pretences of friendship, and bluntly tells you he was sent to find out your intentions. He will not join an evil character.

When asked about his past, IYLOS' face tightens slightly, and he pauses for a moment before speaking. He tells you of his life in the Monastery; of growing up there and how he began training in the monastic way at an early age. As he grew older, he became more and more proficient in the art of wielding a staff, and so began to develop his own style of fighting, which he based upon the movement of the Wind Scorpion. Once he had perfected his method, he began to travel, even though he was only 17, urged by the wanderlust that most young people his age experience. He visted many places along the Sword Coast and beyond, but he returned to Amkethran for a brief break before travelling south to the Anauroch desert.

When he speaks of Anauroch his face seems to light up slightly, and the ghost of a smile flickers around the corner of his lips. He says it quickly became his home, and he spent several years travelling through the area. Eventually, he was recalled to the Monastery and was asked to travel to Saradush to await you, <CHARNAME>.

Against his will, he adds darkly, before turning away and continuing his contemplation of the sights before you.

This mod includes:

  • Content for Baldurs Gate II: Throne of Bhaal
  • 5-11 PC Iylos initiated dialogues, depending on player preference
  • Over 35,000 words of dialogue
  • An extensive chat-pack
  • A small flirtpack for those who like to flirt!
  • 2-3 Banters with all Bioware NPCs
  • Cross-mod banters with Mod NPCs including:


    • Nathaniel
    • Hubelpot
    • Auren
    • Kivan & Deheriana
    • Kelsey
    • Solaufein
  • Interjections and comments throughout ToB
  • Many new personal items usable only by Iylos
  • A portrait made by K'aeloree based on a portrait from the MMORPG 'Guild Wars'
  • An alternative portrait painted by the wonderful Ilmatar
  • Two gorgeous songs composed and recorded by Kat 'theacefes' Bella


Team Leader:

Tameon the Dragoon

Coders And Technical:
Miss Sakaki

Consultants and Proofreaders
Kaelis Ebonrai
Miss Sakaki

With Thanks To
All of the above!!
JCompton, for engineering the Flirt Pack
theacefes and berelinde for all of their coding help
All the coders who spent the time to write tutorials
And finally...
Bioware, for creating a fantastic game, and for putting the effort in to make many more!

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Posted 23 June 2007 - 12:47 AM


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Posted 24 June 2007 - 02:01 AM

This portrait, by the wonderful Ilmatar, is available in the install as an alternative for those who prefer it!


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Posted 29 June 2007 - 06:59 PM

Aand updated once more to reflect that he's not so much in progress anymore as finished. :)

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Posted 08 November 2008 - 04:04 PM

"his was recalled to the Monastery"?

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Posted 13 November 2008 - 02:51 AM

Noted--in any next release expect that typo to be fixed!

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Posted 09 March 2019 - 12:13 AM

"his was recalled to the Monastery"?

Nothing gets lost in the IE Modding Community. This will be fixed in the next version!

EDIT: Edited the first post to correct the typo and the symbol mixup.

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Posted 11 December 2023 - 07:09 AM

Hey there, I got a question. Just wondering how Iylos would react regarding the Wheels of Prophecies mod when Sendai is telling PC that Balthazar betrayed her, and that Balthazar is a Bhaalspawn as well. Does Iylos knows this too when he meets PC for the first time? Does he gets to know this when he has the meeting with Balthazar in Amkethran or is he being kept completely clueless about this the whole time?

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