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Layers of Reality Rules OK!

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Posted 08 March 2007 - 03:58 AM

1) Post, please. We take fan art, original fantasy drawings, portraits, area maps, what ever. You create something we fantasy nerds might be interested in, post it here. Anything from pencil to oils, from MS Paint to Photoshop! Don?t ever think you can?t draw ? you can post your drawings here, get feedback and some good advice, and so you get a chance to evolve. Everybody?s happy! Do, however, take care that the content is more or less okay for all audiences. SHS has users of all ages, some quite young, so please think of this before you go about posting all kinds of boobies and gore.

2) Comment, puh-lease. Artists post here to get feedback, and I bet most do not only want pats in the back, but also pieces of advice we like to call Constructive Criticism. The big CC is the magic word when commenting. Of course you can say, ?Good job, I like your portraits,? but think of how much more the artist would get out of , ?Good job, I like the way you colored the hair, but you could add some highlights. The lips are a little bulky but the eyes are hypnotizing and beautiful!? So much more info in only two sentences and it does not come off as hostile or offensive. Just take a moment to really look at the piece, and write your thoughts about it. Good point of view is to tell the good sides that work well, and then tell what needs some more work, or what doesn?t really fit in. It really is a matter of choice of words. When you?re generally supportive and friendly, your comment won?t turn out as flaming, so don?t be afraid.

3) Don?t get personal. When you comment, do not mock or criticize the artist. Do not say for example, ?What would you know of horse anatomy anyway, you city mong haven?t ever even seen a horse.? But you could say, ?Google some horse pictures and take a look at the anatomy and muscles ? these days decent references are that easy to find.? If you receive some big CC ? Constructive Criticism ? try to understand it is not flaming or taunting. It is given in all good will to support you, encourage you and help you. If you do not want to hear ANY criticism at all, just pats in the back, please say so in the post. A simple note of, ?Criticism not desired plz? will do, but it really is your loss.

4) Do not post work that is not yours. If you really must, please state clearly who the original artist was and post a link to the source.

5) Don?t make new topics for every new drawing. If you post three portraits within a week, for example, post them in the same topic. A good rule is that similar pieces to the same topic ? you can create your very own topics for your portraits, for your area maps, for your drawings and for your sketches and unfinished work. That way the forum stays nice and tidy and easy to browse. It would be good to note in the title what kind of stuff is in the topic, again to make life easier for everyone.

I am Ilmatar and I will be your new moderator! :cheers: Please play nicely and should a crisis or a question turn up, feel free to contact me.

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