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Looking for 2 proofreaders!

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#1 Kaeloree


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Posted 22 March 2007 - 05:58 PM

As I'm going through and recoding Mazzy's romance slightly, I've been correcting some grammar along the way - but I know there's a lot I've missed. Snowking has given me permission to find some proofreaders to help speed this release along - so if you love Mazzy and really want to see her completed soon, please post here or send a PM my way!


#2 Kellen


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Posted 22 March 2007 - 06:52 PM

If you can't find two others I suppose I can, as it's a mod I wish to see done. If you do than I don't mind so much. I've a lot I'm doing now anyway. (Particularly with a overworking lit teacher.)
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#3 ycvflute

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Posted 02 April 2007 - 08:56 PM

I could help out if you still need a proofreader.

#4 Kaeloree


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Posted 02 April 2007 - 10:24 PM

That would be wonderful. :) If you could PM me your email address ycvflute, I'll send you along the files which need proofreading when I have a moment.

#5 Zyraen

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Posted 03 April 2007 - 12:38 AM

You can send me a file ;) however don't expect me to keep a log of the changes I make.

BTW, I don't think it will be, but if the writing is terrible I may not be able to finish reading the file. If you are halfway through the file you can let me know which line to start at.

Always felt Mazzy deserved someone :)

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