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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is Aurora? What is she doing in Athkatla?
A: Aurora is a retired fighter who loves shoes. She spent her early years combining her love of adventure with her love for shoes, fighting wherever a hired sword was needed and buying new and exotic footgear (when she had the money). Eventually, feeling the need for a more settled life, she rented a booth in Athkatla's Bridge District and opened her own shoe shop. With her far-flung acquaintance and knowledge of distant lands, she is able to sell unique items available through no other merchant.

Her passion for gossip nearly matches her love for shoes, and she'll be glad to share the news of the town with anyone who asks.

Q: Wait, where do Tomthal and Karaea come in?
A: Aurora cannot be at the shoe shop all the time. During the night hours, Tomthal runs the shop. He is a svirfneblin doomed to live on the surface because of a curse.

Karaea is his sister, a cheerful traveling merchant whom you may meet in Trademeet and, perhaps, in Nashkel and Amkethran as well.

Q: Did someone mention a quest?
A: Yes and no. Aurora, Tomthal and/or Karaea may ask the party to do a favor or two.

Q: What about new areas?
A: Funny you should ask. Rumor has it there are bands of goblins roaming the wilds - some perhaps are even holed up in new caves for the intrepid party to discover. You may also find the off-duty lairs of the merchants in their respective districts.

Q: Just how much conversation are we talking about?
A: Aurora has twenty-some bits of gossip to pass on (if you ask), one or two banters with all the BioWare NPCs and a handful of banters with the PC. Tomthal and Karaea have lesser amounts of dialogue, though specific to their characters.

There is also a small amount of crossmod material if you have the MTS Crappack or Tales of the Deep Gardens installed. Eventually, there will be additional material available through Crossmod, including banters with Solaufein, Kelsey, Hubelpot and others.

Q: And how many pairs of shoes?
There are over three dozen pairs of boots of various kinds. You can buy most of these from the merchants, or merge them with other boots to create upgraded footwear. You may come across other items as well.

Q: What if I don't want a chatty shopkeeper?
A: If you don't want to chat with Aurora yourself and do not want to hear her conversations with the NPCs, tell her you never want to hear from her, ever again, and the dialogue reverts to standard shopkeep-talk.

[Edit: updated FAQ from readme]

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