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Mod Summary and Credits

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Posted 07 April 2007 - 11:38 PM

About Aurora's Shoes and Boots

The mod adds a new merchant to the Bridge District: Aurora's Shoes and Boots, the finest shoeshop in Amn. The shop offers several new shoes, boots and other items. In addition, the mod offers other new content for BG2:SoA, ToB, BGT and Tutu. A rough estimate at last count was:

5 minor areas
20 area extensions
85 audio clips
20 creatures
109 items
438 creature and item animations
10 dialogues
15 scripts
9 spells and effects
3 stores

The main shop is owned by Aurora, a talkative CN fighter and ex-mercenary who will be glad to fill you in on the local gossip. She also has from one to two banters with the Bioware NPCs and with the Mage Trio and Hubelpot. She has two gnomish assistants: one who runs her shop at night and another who travels to offer her merchandise abroad.

Writing: Bookwyrme and K'aeloree
Coding: GeN1e and Miloch
Coding help: berelinde and SConrad
Item art: Miloch (some ideas from flysoup and Moinesse)
Area help: Yovaneth
Macros: Ascension64, Gort and Nythrun
Portrait: Nyx
Voice writing: Bookwyrme, Caelellowynn and Miloch
Voice acting: berelinde, Riviera and Ascension64
Initial concept: MajorTomSawyer, Jyzabyl and Bookwyrme
Beta reading: Riviera and Finduilas
Alpha testing: Lava Del'Vortel, @vGur and others

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