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Sample Banters for Aurora's Shoes SOA

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Haer?Dalis: Might this sparrow have a moment of your time wherein he may satisfy his curiosity?
Aurora: If that means you want to ask me a question, go ahead.
Haer?Dalis: How is it that a bright hawk such as yourself is tethered to a place of commerce? Would it not be better to flee such sordid ties and enjoy the pleasures of travel once more?
Aurora: Sordid ties? This is the finest shoe shop in all of Amn!
Haer?Dalis: Fine or faded, 'tis not fit housing for a fighter's soul.
Aurora: I think *I'll* be the judge of that.
Aurora: As to how I came here...
Haer?Dalis: Yes?
Aurora: The group I was with one year was hired to guard a shipment on its way here to Athkatla. When we arrived, we found the merchant had gone bankrupt. We took our payment in goods. As it happened. There were several pairs of good, sturdy shoes among them, and, of course, I chose to take those. The band broke up, I saw the booth here and thought "Why not?" I've been here ever since.
Haer?Dalis: And so a grand career ends here, amidst the smell of leather and the sound of peddlers crying their wares.
Aurora: And so a new career begins. Are you going to stand here all day, or are you buying?


Aurora: Anomen, I wanted to tell you how sorry I am about Moira's death. She was such a beautiful girl, so full of life and hope.
Anomen: I... thank you, Mistress Aurora.
Aurora: I remember her as a little girl, playing with your mother in the park... both of them laughing and laughing...
Anomen: You remember my mother?
Aurora: Outside of the store? Yes. I didn't know her well, mind you - she was always so very dutiful, not to mention noble, which I am not.
Aurora: But we did meet, from time to time. For all her duty, she did know how to enjoy herself. I remember one night, she?d have been about sixteen then, I think, she snuck out of the house to a party.
Anomen: She snuck out?
Aurora: Don?t look so shocked! She was a dutiful daughter, but that doesn?t mean she *never* broke the rules.
Aurora: As I was saying, she joined our party... uninvited, so far as I knew, and she became its heart and center almost at once... flirting with all the boys there, dancing and laughing until dawn - Ah, she had a wonderful laugh, made everyone who heard it laugh with her. I didn't see her often after that. I took to adventuring, and she married your father.
Anomen: Yes, she did.
Aurora: And she had you kids... she adored the two of you. She was always telling anyone who would listen what smart, beautiful, wonderful children she had.
Aurora: I was not usually one of the listeners, if I could help it. Children tend to bore me rather quickly.
Anomen: I... thank you, Mistress Aurora, for sharing your memories.
Aurora: You're welcome, I'm sure. It's not every day I get such an attentive audience.
Aurora: Well, I?m sure <CHARNAME> didn't stop by just to hear me chatter.


Aurora: So, I hear that drow are pretty good in the bedroom.
Viconia: The drow are practitioners of the erotic arts, yes. What is it you want from me, rivvil? Tips, perhaps?
Aurora: Well - girl-to-girl, and all.
Viconia: The drow do *not* serve as teachers for the lesser races, unless they are slaves, and I doubt that such as you would last beyond the first night of breaking.
Aurora: You could just say no.
Aurora: And, it's not as though I am doing badly on my own.
Viconia: Do not flatter yourself, frumpish one. I'm sure your pathetic exertions might please these surfacer scum, but your skills are nothing compared to mine.
Aurora: You don't say.

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