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Dark Side of the Sword Coast

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Posted 24 April 2007 - 09:10 PM

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File Name: Dark Side of the Sword Coast
File Submitter: erebusant
File Submitted: 25 Apr 2007
File Category: Dark Side of the Sword Coast (BGT)

This is the BGT/EET version of the original mod for BG1 - Tales of the Sword Coast. New spells, items, 5 major quests, new areas, and 7 new NPCs are available to your party. Most NPCs have quests. Quests include rescuing a child from vampires, saving a town from a dragon, and searching for missing people.

(Silent) Joinable NPCs in the mod:
Jetlaya, Half-Elf Cleric, S 16, I 12, W 18, D 17, C 16, Ch 10
Cuchoinneach, Elf Ranger, S 17, I 11, W 16, D 19, C 16, Ch 8
Conchobhair, Human Paladin, S 18/35, I 10, W 16, D 14, C 17, Ch 18
Ferthgil, Dwarf Fighter, S 18/72, I 7, W 12, D 17, C 19, Ch 5
Bub, Human Fighter, S 17, I 10, W 11, D 16, C 14, Ch 13
Keiria, Half-Elf Bard, S 16, I 18, W 12, D 18, C 16, Ch 18
Skeezer, Gnome Illusionist/Thief, S 14, I 19, W 11, D 12, C 12, Ch 10
Thorfinn, Human Barbarian S 18/87, I 8, W 11, D 17, C 18, Ch 6

The mod starts after you complete the Cloakwood Mines. Return to the Friendly Arms Inn to meet with Jet'laya. As in the original DSotSC mod, other areas are also modified, so some parts to this mod you may see before Chapter 5.


This version of DSotSC is compatible with BGT and EET.

If you are looking for the BG:EE version have a look at TeamBG.com.

Click here to download this file