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The Download System

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Posted 06 May 2007 - 03:15 AM

The Download Manager is fairly simple to operate and work with, but there are several things which could perhaps be a bit difficult. We ask that before submitting something up for download, you read the rules (below). While we would prefer for things to be mainly self-moderated, there are some rules which we ask you to follow.
  • Please post in the correct categories! It's an absolute pain to move mods from directory to directory, so please spare the moderators a thought when uploading!
  • If a mod contains nude content or content that could be rated mature (M) or 18+ , then it will need to be posted in the 'Adult' category.
  • No real-world political content or discrimination.
Simple, no?

Visual GuidesWhile we do not require downloads to be moderated, we do ask that you think before you post. We do have staff working with the download system, and they're keeping an eye on the content, and just to reiterate - if something is rated M or R (contains nudity etc), we ask that you post it in the Adult Section, which only members can access.

Keep in mind, as well, that when you submit a download a thread is automatically created, so there is no need to create on yourself. If you do so, it will have two threads, which may be a little confusing!

There is another way to link to downloads, as well - instead of this sort of link:


you can also link to a file using it's file id number (in this case, 162):


Far simpler. :)

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Posted 06 May 2007 - 03:25 AM

So how does it work? Well, as I said earlier, it's a fairly simple system - but for those who'd like to make sure they're doing it right, here's a brief visual tutorial.

First, go to the Download Manager, and click 'Add File'.


Then, you'll be taken to a page where you need to choose the category of the download. Please make sure you're posting the download in the right category!


Once you've selected the right category, click 'Continue...' and begin filling in the fields.


Keep in mind, when filling out the 'Forum' section, that the forum associated with your mod is the same as the category, in the 'Oblivion Mods' section of the forum. Also remember to remove the http:// in the url, or it won't work!


Once you've done that, the next 'relevant' field is going to be the Upload section - click 'Browse' and find the file, and hit 'Open'.


Same process for the 'main' screenshot; whilst the Download Manager only supports one screenshot, feel free to link to screenshots in the description or in the thread automatically created.


Once you've filled in the fields, hit 'Submit'! A thread will be automatically created in the forum relating to the category, so there's no need to create one yourself. If you have extra information to add, feel free to edit the created thread!

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Posted 06 May 2007 - 03:27 AM

Have a mod which needs to be updated, but not sure how? Here's a brief visual tutorial on updating downloads. Keep in mind that you can only edit your own downloads - if you wish to update someone else's mod, please contact an Admin. Updating a mod is incredibly simple, and goes like this:

First, you need to find the mod - navigate to its page. Once there, in the lower right hand corner you should see a box like the following - click 'Edit this file'.


Once you're there, you can edit the name, description or anything else - the bit we're mainly concerned about is this, however, is the 'Upload File' section. Navigate to the file, select it and press 'Open'.


Then click 'Update Submission' down the bottom of the page, and you're done.

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Posted 25 June 2007 - 01:15 AM

Want to upload a mod, but it's larger than 32mb? It is most certainly possible! It just requires one more step than usual. :)

Firstly, you will need an FTP Program - I suggest SmartFTP, WS_FTP or FileZilla.

To get the FTP Login Details, please contact me (K'aeloree) by PM or email - we're more than happy to give them to you, but we need to keep track of who has them, for obvious reasons.

Upload your mod in the directory you're in, and do not touch any other files in the directory except for your own.


Once it's up there, go to the Download Manager and click 'add file'. The next steps are very similar to uploading a mod normally, but what's different between that and this is that we aren't uploading a file - we're linking to one which you've just put on the server, instead.

So instead of putting anything in the Upload section, you want to find 'Path to File' instead, and type the following in it:


Changing yourmod.rar to the filename of your mod. Once you've done that, you can add in the other details, and then click 'Add Submission'.

If you're trying to update something, you just click 'edit file' on the file's page, and do the same thing. Hope that helps!

If you have any troubles, just wing Kaelis Ebonrai or myself (K'aeloree) a PM, and we'll get back to you as soon as I can. :)