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DM: The Lich Mod

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Posted 07 May 2007 - 01:54 PM

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File Name: The Lich Mod
File Submitter: jackmix69
File Submitted: 7 May 2007
File Category: Quests

The Lich Mod: Readme

Version 1.25

by: jackmix69

Installation: Navigate to your oblivion folder and then double click on Data. Place the meshes folder, textures folder, and the .esp folder into it. If it asks to overwrite say yes.

Instructions to become a lich: You must first find the tome of lichdom. When you get the mages guild quest to find mucinus allias, you will find him, and when you do there is a table in the same room as him, the book is on the table.



FINAL NOTE: If you want to get all the stuff right away, type coc AaaLichTime


Fixed a bug where when you casted enthrall, enslave, or banish on something that could reflect spells the game would crash.

Made the mod much more balanced. Especially in version 1.25

Enthrall, Banishment, and Enslave are now set to only be able to cast it once a day. Fixed Cost of them in 1.12.

Fixed Soul Steal so now it doesn't make you commit suicide when you cast it. (forgot to set it on target for the scripted effect) also updated the script to not work on essential characters in 1.12

Fixed the typo "phylectary" to now read "phylactary"

Added a Lich shop in Anvil, theres a portal to the shop. Check the screenshot for location. Also added the following spells: Lesser Finger of Death, Finger of Death, Greater Finger of Death, Imprison, and Imprison Self. Must now purchase these. Added these in version 1.25

Fixed a bug where your sneak was drained to 0 in human form. Now its correctly being drained on the lich.


-more new spells

-More bugfixes, if needed

-Guards will attack you on sight in lich form.

Q: How does this mod work?

A: I am going to fuse it with the mages guild questline. When you go to see Mucinius Allias, in his room on the table will be a tome of lichdom. That will explain how to become a lich.

Q: How do you become a lich?

A: Well, first off, you have to find the following: The Tome of Lichdom, The Herbs of Unlife, Distilled Water of the Undead, The Torch of Burning Souls, The Elixer of Defidation, a Phylectary, your human heart, and your human skin.

Q: What are the Herbs of Unlife?

A: The Herbs of Unlife are the base ingredient that goes into the elixer of defidation. They are herbs, which must be planted in a royal person's coffin. Then they will grow, you will find them in Fort Teleman.

Q: What is the Distilled Water of the Undead?

A: The Distilled Water of the Undead is the liquid of the elixer of defidation. They must be combined to make the elixer. It will be found in Fort Ontus. When you get both the water and the herbs you must find the torch of burning souls.

Q: What is the Torch of Burning Souls?

A: The Torch of Burning Souls is what must be used to heat up the base elixer of defidation. It will be found in Silorn.

Q: Whats after you find all of these?

A: When you have all 3 of these unique ingredients, you will have to equip the torch to fuse them. This will remove all of them, and make the base elixir of defidation!

Q: Is that all? I can become a lich after I find the torch and the other ingredients.

A: Heh, you wish, you must find an item to drink the elixer without harm. It will be on Mannimarcos body. When you get it, it is safe to drink the elixer. Also, the phylectary will be on his body.

Q: What happens if I drink the elixer without getting the object from mannimarcos body?

A: You'll die. Quite fast and painfully too.

Q: When I become a lich, will people attack me on sight?

A: No. They will not see you as a lich, they will see you as an incredibly ugly person. Morph into a human to get your personality back.

Q: What about my enemies? I want THEM to see me as a lich!

A: Heh, they will.

Q: Will this metamorphis do anything else besides make me look cool?

A: Of course! You will recieve the following things....

Ability: Power of the Lich: Reflect Spell 10, Fortify Magicka 175, Fortify Health 50, Fortify Willpower 15, Resist Disease: 100, Resist Magic: 25, Resist Normal Weapons: 25, Resist Poison 100, Water Breathing.

Powers: Lich's Soul Steal: You will steal the targets soul, instantly killing them, and completly replenish your health and magicka.

Lich's Secret: Reanimate for 90 seconds on target


Banish: (requires a master in alteration) Banishes the target.

Enthrall: (requires a master in alteration) Turns the target into your own zombie slave! However, he will not fast travel with you.

Enslave: (requires an expert in alteration) Turns the target into your own skeleton minion, who will defend you. However, he will not fast travel with you.

Lesser Finger of Death: 10% chance of instant kill on touch

Finger of Death: 25% chance of instant kill on touch

Greater Finger of Death: 50% chance of instant kill on touch

Imprison: Imprisons the target in a cage for 8 seconds

Imprison Self: Imprisons yourself into a cage, good for replenishing while in the middle of a big fight.

Reveal True Form: Turns you into a lich if your a human. No requirements.

Disguise as Human: Reverts you back to a human. No requirements.

Q: This is sounding very cool, but come on, you gotta have some setbacks!

A: Yes, there is a setback to being a lich. The Phylectary is actually morphed into a robe, (also a hood) and you cannot take it off. You can take the hood off, but not the robe. When your in human form your sneak becomes 0, and you cannot cast any spells.

Q: If I cant cast spells when im human, how do I revert to a lich?
A: Everytime you cast the turn into human spell, you will get a scroll to accomplish this.

Q: What if I want to wear armor or something?
A: Morph into a human and wear it. Your soul is put back in your form when morphed into a human and the robes disappear.


Click here to download this file

#2 dev_akm

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Posted 25 May 2007 - 10:48 AM

How difficult would it be to make this compatible with OOO?

Seems like the main thing would be to use the OOO version of Mannimarco, right?

#3 synn

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Posted 05 November 2009 - 02:04 AM

I downloaded and followed the instructions on how to add this to the game, but when I typed coc AaaLichTime to see what will happen it didn't work.

#4 Reuben702

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Posted 03 October 2010 - 06:40 PM

I have followed the instructions and now have the base elixir of defidication but am confused on how to proceed.
in the instructions it says that you need the item on Mannimarcos body, which item?
But in the tome of lichdome it says i must get the bone of Mannimarcos and the phylactary which i have obtained but it says i must fuse them with the elixir, how am i to go about that?
Perhaps you could write me some more detailed instructions, you are dealing with a noob here.