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Hector's Story

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Posted 11 May 2007 - 06:40 AM

Chapter One - The component

"Guard, I demand free passage into the Library" Hector Said. "I'm sorry, I am not allowed to give authorization, you will have to take this up with the guard who watches the door" The guard replied with a grimace. "Fine, I shall see him myself." Hector said.

They silent echos off footsteps where the only thing to be heard this early morning.

"Guard, I demand passage! Let me through or I will go through you!" Hector stated. "Do not demand anything of the watch, or you shall be struck down or arrested." "I will ask you once more, and that is all. I am a neutral in my disposition, really, but frankly you are preventing in reaching the Elder Scrolls library, so, Let me in!" Hector boomed. "Hmm.... No. No way. Not now, not ever." The guard said with a smirk. "I walk the path of Grey, I'm not a violent person...... however, in this case, you are preventing me from reaching my goal, so I will have to be." Hector said, with resignation, "No-..........................." "Sorry. Enjoy your stay in the Void." Hector said with a voice so cold it could freeze the Dragon Fires.

After three days of constant searching, no records of the birth of this Usurper or her blood relatives, only of her recently deceased adoptive parents.

"Nothing! Not a Damn thing! Akatosh be damned!" Hector yelled. "Ah, wait what is this? "Documentation of Castle Dunkerlore? Hector pondered. "Ahh... we have a name, Sia, now all we need is a face....." Hector thought. "Perfect now I just...... whats this? A daughter? "I may have to locate her to, Sithis willing, I won't have to kill her..." Hector pondered.

"I had better write this down, oh? What this? That is intresting, very intresting......" Hector began to write.

"Hmmm......" Hector thought, as the wind blew a silouhuette that carried an unnatrual essence of Magicka. "It smells like it is coming from the north...." The wind blew a unique scent that most would not notice. "Ah.....Fort Homestead. An odd name for a place filed with rats and bandits. And what I'm looking for." Hector said aloud, to himself. "I suppose I'm off to the gray brick road." Speaking to the birds.

A dectant place, full of bandits and other creatures just as foul. It would have been nice to see the Fort Homestead, when it was homey.

"The lingering scent of your undeath is foul and unique, ghost." Hector said to the specter. "Stay there, and I will rid you of your unlife and send you to the void." Hector said with a voice so cold it would freeze over Vvardenfell. "You can't kill what doesn't bleed, ghost!" Hector boomed! "Foooolllisshhhh waaarrrmmmmmmm bloooooodddd!" Replied the Ghostly warrior. "Have it your way, f'lah." Hector said.

The ghost struggled to pull its sword from Hectors body.

"Farewell, specter!" Hector said. And with that, the Ghost was sent to the void.

Now, to enter the halls of Homestead.

"No point in talking to half a man....." Hector chuckled. "I'm ass-uming that was your better half?" Hector voice echoed through the stone halls. "Well, you left quite a mess." Hector thought.

Further through the halls Hector marched, cutting down those who struck him, leaving those who didn't alone, always walk the path of Grey.

"Care to dance?" Hector laughed.

The halls grew silent, as did its inhabitants.

"Yahhh!" Bellowed from the Argonian, trying to the jump on hector. "Turn around!" Screamed the Argonian., "Why? So you can threaten me with your almighty Dwemer knife?" Hector said cold as can be. "How did you- bah nevermind, you won't see this one!" The Argonian drew his bow. "Bah. An arrow? And a Dagger? Come now, surely you can do better than that Hatchling." "What did you call me? Wa- why are you still standing! You should be dead!" The Argonian cried. "That which does not bleed cannot die. Please, surrender and I will leave, or fight and you will sleep in the Void." "No! Die!" the Argonian cried.

Hector broke his neck.

"May you sleep well, in the Void." Hector said, walking away.

Things were far to silent for the unatural aura of Homestead.

"Where could you be?" Hector thought. "Looking for something?" A large nord woman said. "Actually yes, could you help me find it?" Hector said, already knowing there would be a large amount of bloodshed. "No, but we can help loot your corpse!" As she said this, the mage droped the invisibilty spell, over the group of greed consumed bandits. "I already know where this is going to lead, but I will give you a chance. Surrender." Hector said. "A nord male replied with "Ha! Ye will be buried here! If you ask nice, we may keep you away from the rats. Maybe." And with that the nord advanced. "

Hector cut him down with one swift movement.

"Enjoy the fall." Hector said.

Hector cut down the mob, one, by one.

"Come on, I smell you Hatchling! Come now, surrender and meet my mercy." Hector said. "No-ver. You....You monster! You...You've killed them all! You.....must fall" The Argonian charged. "They struck first, as did you." Hector said as the Argonians lifeless corpse slumped to the ground, with its head astray.

With the mob dead, Hector was free to find what he seeked.

"Where in the Void could this thing be?!" Hector yelled. "Why, nowhere its.......what is......ah.....the Hatchling's Dwemer dagger did have a unique piece! Bah. He probably though this was a soulgem!"Said Hector, only the rats could hear him.

The process began.

"Ah, I enjoy the scent of the Arboretum! Smells....so diffrent than the void, smells of life." Hector thought. Taking the component in hand, casting a heat spell on it and placing the neccesary ingredints beside the component, Hector placed his sword on the old Ayleid stone and got to work.

Should the forging of the component go as planned, the magicka essence of the mushroom and potion should be siphoned into the newly forged blade.

"Now, I must wait. Wait for Sithis to inform me of what to do next ."
Hector thought as the fog settled in.

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Posted 11 May 2007 - 06:43 AM

Chapter 2 - Staganacy set in

The air was cold. The sun had set. The Usurper was still in Dagons Deadlands.

"Ah, once again the darkness sets in. Shame, I was just getting use to the sun" Hector said thoughtfully. "The cat follows me still. I will wait untill the morning, and if she is till here, she will be confronted." Hector thought.

The morning was thick with fog. It placed the normally lush green fields in a shroud.

"Reveal yourself, Kitten. I can smell you from here......" Hector said.

All remained silent.

"I will not ask again, I will strike you down, kitten." Hector said. "I am not a kitten!" The young Tabaxi yelled in a rather high toned voice. "Ah, there you are! Tell me, shrew, why do you insit upon following me? I knew you were there in the city, and yet still you try too shroud yourself." Hector said, cool and calm like the shores of Summerset. "Grrr! I am not a kitten and I am not a shrew, you giant beast! She yelled, similar to a noise of a shrew. "YOU WANT TO SEE A BEAST? WELL LETS SEE HOW MUCH OF A BEAST I CAN BE!" Hector yelled so loud that they could hear it in Bravil.

"*Sniff* Why do you have to be so mean? All I did was follow you.......whats wrong with being a stalker?" She said, as she broke down into tears. "Hmmm I wonder if she realizes that stalking is frowned upon? Or that she can get hurt? I suppose she really is a kitten....." Hector thought to himself. "Ah, look, I'm apologize for upseting you young Tabaxi. It is my nature to be a bit of a brute. Please now, shut the flood gates and settle down, will you?" Hector said, his voice now soft and cool opposed to the monster that was speaking just moments ago.

"Flood gates!?" She yelled. "Son of a [censored]...." Hector pondered, awaiting the shrew to to screech at him. "Well, I SUPPOSE you have the right to be a little upset seeing as I did follow you.... but you didn't HAVE TO BE SO MEAN!" She whined at Hector. "Look, lets get you back to wherever you came from." Hector said. "But I don't have anywhere to go, I was in Vvardenfell and my native home was destroyed by vampires." She said, her eyes tearing up.... "Ah, so you truly have nowhere to go?" Hector said. "This truly isn't part of the assignment..... My objective was simple.... find the Usurper Queen. I was told nothing about babysitting! Still..... I can't leave this kitten to fend for herself, its obvious she has lead a sheltered life. I suppose I could watch her for a little while. No child she be raised without parents, I have observed that much from my millena of studies." Hector thought to himself. "Well? You just going to ignore me now?" The shrew yelled. "*Sigh* Look, you can follow me for now, IF you keep up and try to stay out of trouble. Try to stay close, or I may not be able to keep you out of danger." Hector said. "I'm not a kid!" See yelled. "I didn't say you were! Now come on! Lets go, I've got things to do!" Hector said, almost loosing his cool again.

"Hmm... it was implied. The only way I'm going ANYWHERE with you is if you show me your face! Do it now!" She screeched. "What? This girl clearly wants me to destroy her! Hmm.... childish..... I offer to take care of her, and SHE DEMANDS SOMETHING OF ME? Grrr....path of gray, path of gray...... I must show my face. I will not allow such a young one to die because they cannot take care of themself." Hector thought, several veins on his forehead appearing like they will burst. "Fine. As long as no one else sees, you may look." Hector said, while he was cursing the former Lorkhan (whos power he now had) for making the children of mundus so damn curious.

"Hehe! Your not that ugly! Although, I suppose you should cover up your face! Otherwise the villagers may get thier torches and forkpitches! She said, clearly giddy that she had someone to protect her and watch out for her. "Pitchforks." Hector said. "What?" The young Tabaxi said. "Pitchforks, you called them forkspitches." Hector said. "Oh....umm...I was just making sure you were paying attention. Yea, thats it." She said. "Hahaha, do you have a name little Tabaxi?" Hector boomed. "My name is Caria Gorine. Do you have a name big-bad giant?" She said.

No one noticed that ever since Hector had removed his hood, the fog had cleared and the sun had risen. Was it a coincedence?

My name? My name is Hector.

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Posted 11 May 2007 - 06:44 AM

Chapter 3 - When Sia Struck First

"Life has certainly been intresting since I have become the kittens keeper." Hector thought silently. "Hey, Big-Foot its time to get going! I'm getting bored in this town!" She yelled. "As if my combat teachings haven't kept you on your toes." Hector said. "Well, your impossible to fight! For such a big brute you move to fast! Besides, I want to try my skills out on some more natrual pray" Caria complained. "You do need practice. Come, let us venture into the woods and see if a troll or ogre decides to play" Hector said. "Yea, 'bout damn time!" Caria said, full of bubbly energy.

The weather was nice in the forest.

"Caria. Run. Now!" Hector yelled. "Wha-why? I don't want to!" Caia yelled. "Soon an enemy will arive, and you will need to leave." Hector said. "The big one speaks the truth, cat" A raspy voice said. "I am not a cat! I'm a Tabaxi!" She yelled. "Caria, you must leave, or you will die." Hector said. "I'm not afraid of death! Besides you promised to protect me" Caria yelled. "Don't worry, cat, after I kill you, I will rape your corpse. I will NOT be gentle." The raspy voice laughed. "Caria, leave, return to the town, this is no place for a kitten." Hector said, urgering her to leave. "No, I can fight!" Caria screeched. "These foes are beyond you! Leave!" Hector yelled. "Well....maybe I should run! But you better not take to long! I'll be at the Tavern, complaining to the Bartender." She said.

Caria ran.

"Now, well one of you filth tell me what Dagon's lot is doing in a mundane forest?" Hector asked, keeping his cool. "Well, big one, Dagon is losing control. Soon the Queen will be in control of the Deadlands, and Dagon will fall! And her first order, is to bring you to her" The Valkynaz said. "Oh? Is that so? Well, I'm afraid thats not going to happen. If I did go to her, it would be to question her. Not be seduced into her service, nithing." Hector cooly said. "Hmm......fine. We thought this would happen, now prepare for battle! We have four, you have one. Odds are against you, if you are done with your petty conversations, strike first." The raspy voice said.

The wind was cool.

"Oh? You would attempt to strike down Lorkhan? Well then, have at me!" Hector boomed. "Lorkhan is gone, we know that! If it was any diffrent the Queen would have told us" The raspy voice said, clearly upset. "Oh? Is that so? So, your all knowing Queen does not know what is common knowledge amongst Daedra Princes and Aedra?" Hector chuckled. "No, Lorkhan was destroyed by Trinimac, the last of Sithis's loyal children, dead. And his heart was destroyed with his body" The Valkynaz stated. "Oh? Well I suppose the creator of everything would not honor his child? No, I was a shell who holds Lorkhans essence - I am Lorkhan. But improved, and I'm still loyal to Sithis, while you and your masters are not!" Hector boomed.

The Daedra grew angry.

"Ah? The path of grey? Offer us a chance to surrender! You know Dremora never back down!" The Valkynaz boomed. "No? Well, that is because Daedra return to the shores of Oblivion, they have nothing to lose. However, I assure you, when I kill you, you won't go back to the shores of Oblivion, you will go to Sithis. Whatver horrors you have been subjected to in Dagons realm will pale in comparison to Sithis and the void - you will know what is to die, like mortals." Hector preached. "No! Your lying to me!" The Valkynaz drew his mace. "Ah? A demonsration? Of course, thanks for volunteering!" Hector said. "No-ooo! I am... void.... hell! The ............!" The Valkynaz's corpse slumped over.

The wind picked up.

"A cheap magic spell, nothing more!" Another Valkynaz said. "Come now, we all know thats not true. Come, Daedra, lay down your weapons, its not to late to beg for mercy!" Hector boomed. "No! Arghhh!" A Dremora charged. "You just [censored] up." Hector said, running the Daedra through.

"Come now, let us finish this!" Hector yelled.

"Sia truly does not know me? She knows nothing of the Void, nothing of the Un-Void, nothing of Daedra and Aedra and our father Sithis! Foolish Girl! If I was not under orders to find her, I would have gone with the Dremora and killed her. Stupidity runs deep amongst these humans. Of course, so does intelligence and hope as well as courage. "Hector thought.

Hector walked away from the corpses of the Dremora. The Void will not be pleasent for them.

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Chapter 4- Meeting Magnus (This story, contrary to its name will feature few screenshots of Magnus, Magnus will play a large role in a future story)

"You must stay here Tabaxi. Magnus's prison guards do not welcome any visitors aside from Daedra Princes and Aedra." Hector told her. "But....why do you get to go?" Caria complained. "I will tell you when I belive you are ready" Hector replied. "But... I want to know and I want to go." Caria continued. "I'm sorry, but yuo have no choice in the matter. Tis room is rented for the next week, try and enjoy yourself. Go out on the town, meet somebody." Hector said. "Fine! But you have one week! Thats it! And you better be back early!" Caria said. "Yes, Kitten. I will return before one weeks time." Hector said.

That was three days ago.
"I still have not found an area strong enough in Magicka to open the gates of Magnus's prison." Hector thought. "Rarhh! ROAR! Hmmm..." A noise echoed not far behind hector. "Ah? A bear. How pleasent. To bad he is rabid, or I could have tried to reason with it...." Hector said to the bear.

No weapons allowed. No servants. No guests. No escape. These are the rules of Magnus's prison.
"No swords. I must fight with my hands." Hector thought.

The bear, even overshadowing Hector, attempted to stike him.

Hector struck the Bear deep. The rabid bear does not feel pain, only hate and anger. The only way to save the bear - is to kill it.

The bear tried to strike again.

"Farewell bear, amy you find peace in the void." Hector said, snapping the bears neck.

"Hey there big fella!" The eldery woman said. "Hm? Yes what is it, kind elder-farm owner?" Hector said. "Oh, I may be old, but I have some gusto in me!" She said. "I'm sure, after all you run a farm in the harsh wilderness." Hector said. "Well, come here and let me get a good look at you, after all, I don't get many visitors" She said.

The old woman continued to you question Hector.

"Well, before you leave, do you need some clothing? It can get cold out here and your only wearing a robe!" She said. "I'm always cold." Hector said, leaving the elderly woman to continue farming. "Yes, this is the area, this where I can open the gates."

Taking off his hood, hector thought of only one thing to say - Hello Magnus.

"Hello, Magnus." Hector said. "Welcome to my endless damned prison, Lorkhan, its been far to long." Magnus replied. "Yes, it is cold. And dark. But you betrayed your creator, Magnus" Hector said. "How? By remaining neutural? If that is the case, then I know what I did wrong, I did not side with our creator." Magnus said. "Yes, you learned that long ago. Now, I come bearing good news, Magnus" Hector said.

It was cold, far to cold for one who has the heat to create the sun.

"I am growing far to cold Hector. My skin is no longer glows with the suns honey. It is........normal. I fear, I will dissolve if I am here much longer, my old friend." Magnus said, clearly growing cold.

"Then I have good news. You are free, your imprisonment is over, Sithis thinks you have suffered long enough." Hector said. "Really? I.....will join him, in the void? Talk to him? Recieve my rightful station, once again? "Yes, your shackles are gone, my friend"

The shackles were cold.

"So, know what, my old friend? I just fall down? Leave this corrupted body, and arrive in the void near Sithis?" Magnus said, already swaying. "Yes, sleep well my old friend."

And when Hector said that, Magnus collapsed.

"The kitten awaits me, I hope she doesn't ask to many questions" Hector thought, leaving Magnus's former prison.

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Chapter 5 - The Cold Truth

Warning - You are about to see the more compasionate side of Hector. Don't worry, the second section will have so many bloody screens it will make you forget about section 1.

"Uggh. You just get back and we have to go HIKING?" Caria screeched. "Yes, this is were the Usurper will reveal herself next. I will be here, to witness her actions first-hand." Hector said. "Oh? And I thought you said I was the stalker?" She giggled. "You won't be laughing while we are climbing those mountains" Hector said. "Hmm. You are NOT a kindly giant. Making a feminine thing like me climb those mountains?" She said. "Feminine? Thats not what that Bosmer who tried to date you said." Hector laughed.

The climb was uneventful. No wolfs, no deer, no bears and no snow leopards.

"Thats it! I'm not moving any further, its late and I need my rest!" She said. "Then it is fortunate we have reached our destination. This is the perfect campsite, to observe the area, the Usurper will probably land on flat ground. From here, when can see the area." Hector said. "Camp? It will be cold up here!" She said. "You are covered in fur. You will be fine, and I'm setting up camp, so don't worry about that." Hector said, placing his hand on her shoulder for reasurance.

The camp was set.

"Ahh....finally I can relax. Wait. If I sleep what will happen? These mountains are covered in bears and wolves." She asked Hector. "And leopards. Don't worry, I'll make sure nothing happens to you while you are asleep." Hector said. "But......don't you need sleep?" She asked. "No, I do not" Hector replied. "But...why? Why don't you need sleep? Why don't you get cold? Why did you get to see Magnus?" She asked, curiosity taking hold. "You, my young Tabaxi, are curios by your very nature. But you know what they say, curiosity killed the cat" Hector said. "Hey! That was mean" She complained. "Haha." Hector laughed.

The camp, while in the mountains, was lodged between to hills blocking the wind.

"Instead of a snoring cat, I'm left with a purring one?" Hector said outloud, while the young one slept. "Nothing is near here, I can smell its all clean. I need to stretch my legs" Hector thought.

"The wind is cold, but I'm always cold." Hector thought to himself.

The view was amazing, but off in the distance.......trouble was brewing and would be here before dawn.

"Something.....unatural is near me" Hector thought.

The Avatar drew near.

"Hello, Lorkhan" A voice echoed. "The dragon speaks. What do you want, Akatosh? You should know better than to approach me." Hector said. "No, this time I am not here to kill you. You should know that, given what happend to Trinimac." Akatosh's Avatar said. "Ah? So you are here on a vacation? An odd place to visit, given your inclination towards the humans of this plane. Brighten up their lives, reveal yourself to them, Akatosh." Hector said. "No Lorkhan. I am here to......inform you, that I have one of the things most precious to you." The dragon said. "There are very few thing precious to me Dragon, and the only reason you would take anything from me, is to extract revenge on the unfortunate fate of Trinimac." Hector said. "Oh? I have your cat." The Dragon said. "You may keep your forked tounge behind your teeth, Dragon." Hector said. "If you do not belive me, look at the camp." The dragon said.

She was gone.

"Ha. Lorkhan, if you wish to see the cat again, stop following Sia, we have plans for her." The Dragon said. "Get back here you lizard!" Hector yelled. "Goodbye Lorkhan, I'm sure you will make the right decision. Think about it, will you?" The laugh echoed. "Think? What do I think? I think I am going to kill your avatar Akatosh!" Hector said. "I would be quite amused to see that Lorkhan." Akatosh could be heard through his avatar, laughing. "NO ONE RUNS FROM ME!" Hector boomed.

"To get her back, I must kill those who let Akatosh know where I was." Hector said.

"Now those who are informed Akatosh of my presence will suffer!" Hector bellowed.

Hector ran down the mountain, sending animals and humans alike, running in fear.

"No! Don't ple-" A bandit said. "Hahaha! To the void with ya!" Hector said lopping the bandit in half. "No, stop! No!!!!" The skyrim bandit shouted. "Haha! More blood extracted!" Hector yelled lopping the bandit in two. "You worthle---ahahdgl...." The headless bandit said. "So long!" Hector yelled. "Ogre, you shall bleed!" Hector said.

The bandits on the road fell.

"You flesh is weak, goblin!" Hector said, cutting him down.

Your scent betrays you, Vilverin thugs!

"Farwell, thug" Hector said.

They fell to the void.

In groups.

"Ah! Now, to the Temple of the One" Hector shouted.

The process is simple, the hearts of those who told Akatosh of him, well be used to bring Caria to the temple.

"Wha-What happend?" Caria asked Hector. "It is time for you to learn everything, the Cold Truth." Hector said.

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Chapter 6 - Wulfgar the Axeman

"Caria, isn't that dress a little to.........extravagent for strolling through the Imperial City?" Hector asked her. "Oh, come on Lorkhan, you bought this for me as a gift for not telling me everything in the first place!" Caria said "I told you to call me Hector." Hector told her. "Hehe. I know." Caria giggled "Come on, call me Hector." Hector said, bending over to get closer to her face. "Hmmm... Ok, I will, but only if you tell me I'm pretty." Caria said, laughing. "Grr....." Hector groweled. "Say it. Come on, say it!" Caria said, still laughing. "Fine.Your pretty...." Hector mumbeled. "Ah, was that so hard?" Caria giggled. "Yes, yes it was. Now look, I have got to do a little research in the Imperial Library, your not coming because you will cause trouble. Teere is plenty of stuff to do here in the Imperial City. Stay away from the prision district, Caria, its not a place for Kittens." Hector said. "Ok, Ok, I'll stay away from the prison. But I AM NOT A KITTEN!" She yelled.

Hector walked off, looking forward to being left alone for a little while.

"Now, which way is that prison district?" Caria thought to herself.

"Hmmm...according to the book, its this way!" Caria shouted aloud, speaking to noone. "This is the prison, huh? Were are the inmates? This isn't dangerous, Hector was wrong!" Caria thought.

She entered the Bastion.

"Hey guard, I want to go to the otherside of the prison! Ya know, were the inmates are!" Caria shouted. "Oh? Hand over your weapons, potions and scrolls. Go through the door behind me, and call the guards if the inmates become......unruly. I wouldn't worry about that, the only inmates outside is a Nord who was arrested for being drunk and disorderly and a Khajiit on house arrest, although he doesn't have a house." The guard told Caria. "Thanks! What about the Nord, isn't drunk and disorderly, ya know, sort of there nitch? I mean, have you ever EVEN been to a tavern? Tell me someone who isn't drunk and disorderly!" Caria inquired. "His case is currently being further investigated, you don't need anymore information than that." The guard said, sternly.

"Man.....this place is boring! I have had more fun watching Hector smithing." Caria said aloud. "Aye, tell me 'bout lass!" A strong nord voice said. "But I don't know any Hector!" He said. "Huh? Oh, you are the drunk nord! What do you want?" Caria asked. "I'm sober right now! And have you ever seen a nord that isn't drunk?" The Nord asked her. "No...thats what I asked the prison guard, but he told me he is investigating your case further." Caria said. "Hm... treating a solider of the Legion like this! Awful, the only thing I did was "protect and serve" and shave me beard." The nord said. "Oh? Protect and serve? You? Hehe." Caira laughed. "Aye! Its true lass! I did! I was! But I got arrested, for nothing, I've been framed I tell ya!" THe nord shouted.

"Keep it down, prisoner!" A voice echoed.

"Ah, kiss me ass!" The nord shouted back. "Speaking of which, little lass, isn't that dress a bit....fancy for visitng prisoners?" The nord asked. "Hmph. Thats what Hector said to me. Although he bought it for me, he is an odd one..." Caria said. "Hecor? Who is that?" The nord asked. "Well he is.... he is my...err I can't find a word to describe him, ya know? "So I take it you are in love with the lad?" The nord said. "Ew! No! Well...yes. But not like that, you oaf! To be honest he is my father. My adoptive father, but my father, nontheless." Caria said. "Ah? I'll take it he is about your height and weight then, eh?" The nord inquired. "Oh! You pighead! Its not always about who is the strongest male, you know! Besides, he is way bigger than you, he could probably throw you back to Skyrim." Caria said. "Ah, could he now?" The nord said.

Over the next few days, Caria visited the nord several times, seeing as Hector was still busy trying to find clues in the Imperial Library.

The words echoed in the cats ears...... "Caria, someone is out to get me! I've been framed! I'm going to be murdered!" Wulfgar's words echoed.

"He...Hector? Hey Hector! I have a big favor to ask" Caria said. "Yes, what is it Caria?" Hector responded. "I.....I need you to break someone out of the Imperial Prison." Caria said. "What? You want me to break someone out of jail?" Hector asked. "Yes....he.....his name is Wulfgar. And he did not commit a crime. He was arrested for being drunk and disorderly, and he is a nord." Caria said. "What? A nord arrested for being drunk? If that is the case, they would have to arrest the whole of Skyrim!" Hector said "I know.... he is innocent!" Caria asked. "No. I won't, I don't know all the facts, I've never even meet this nord." Hector said. "Please......Come on, you know you want to Lorkhan." Caria said, smiling. "Fine! I will judge him for myself, but we will go tonight, there will be less security. I'm not promising anything!" Hector said, lying knowing he would already do what she asked. "Thanks you, Hector!" Caria yelled. "Yeah, yeah, get away from me, will ya kid?" Hector said.

Later that night..........

"Hmmm..... Hector, how are we going to get in here? This door seems locked tight" Caria said. "You know what they say - the Skeleton Key opens all!" Hector said, smashing the door. "Ah, you see?" Hector said.

"So what? I wanted the Dark Brotherhood to kill someone, is that a crime Nord?" A voice said. "Aye! It is! And you know it is! Now, if you don't shut your pycho-sociopath mouth, I am gonna break in this gate and shove my foot so far up your ass...." Wulfgar said. "Shh...someone is coming, nord!" The imperial said.

"Hi, Wulfgar!" Caria said. "Well, who is this fine female you have visiting you, Wulfgar? Is she underage? Ah, like I care!" The imperial said, smacking his lips. "Why if I could ge......." The imperial stood in horror watching the large robed figure striding behind Caria, walk up to him. "You will do what, scum?" Hector said. "Ha! I'm.....I'm no...t scaar--ed of you! I'm in a prison, guards are everywhere, you can do anything!" The imperial said, with a smug voice. "If you think for one second, I won't rip these gates open and snap your neck you are wrong. Dead wrong" Hector said with a cold voice.

"Aye! Caria! Come to see me before they kill me?" Wulfgar asked. "No...... I ac-" She was cut off by the nord. "By the blue glaciers of Skyrim! What is this monster beside you!" Wulfgar yelled. "My name, is Hecotr. May I assume your is Wulfgar?" Hector asked. "Aye, ye may! Although most call me the Axeman, or Wulfgar the Axeman!" Wulfgar said. "Excuse me! I was talking gentleman! Wulfgar, Hector is here break you out." Caria told Wulfgar. "Aye! Well by Yingvar! That is good news!" Wulfgar said, almost jumping with glee. "But, if ye don't mind me asking, how? I don't see a key! "Well.... Hector isn't just a pretty face!" Caria said joking. "Move to my side, Caria, brace yourself Nord, you may feel a sudden pulse." Hector said. "Alright, I'm ready Hector, fire away!" Wulfgar said. "Haha. Expecting something big, were ya?" Hector laughed. "Now, lets take a stroll friends." Hector said.

"Aye, Hector, how are we going to be leaving the prison then?" Wulfgar asked. "Why, we are going to stroll right out the front door." Hector said. "Hector....please don't kill any guards, they are just doing there job." Caria said. "What? I'm not Magnus, I can't wave my magic wand and make this nord disapear." Hector said. "But......." Caria said. "Look, I won't kill any of them, but I can't promise they won't get hurt!" Hector said. "Eh? What are you the tenth-divine Hector?" The nord asked, jokingly. "Ha. Sort of." Hector said, grinning, revealing his white wolf like teeth.

"Hey! You! Big guy and cat girl! You can't just waltz out of here with a prisoner like that!" The jailor shouted. "Infact I'm goin-" The imperial was cut off. "Sweet Dreams guard." Hector said, knocking him out. "Come on, soon more will come to investigate the shouting." Hector said. "Hold on there big'un! I'm not goin' anywhere without me family helm!" Wulfgar shouted.

"Hey, you there, stop! What was that ruckus in the Bastion?" The guard in front of the door asked. "You are officialy off duty, guard." Hector said.

"Ahaha! That was great Hector! But...what are you excatly?" Wulfgar asked. "Hehe. He won't tell that to everyone, ya 'know!" Caria said. "It doesn't matter what or who I am, nord, it matters that you are free." Hector said.

Wulfgar would soon prove himself a great warrior and ally. And soon, a war would come, a war that even Hector could not forsee.

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Chapter 7 - Marcus and Elwyn, When Marcus met Hector. Section 1

"Come on Hector! Its getting late, and Wulfgar wants to get hammered. As usal." Caria told Hector. "I know, I know. It is going to rain soon anyway, we may as well find a cave around here" Hector told her. "Bah! A cave! I guess that means I'm going to have to get my hands dirty." Caria told Hector.

"Whew! I'm so tired Elwyn, I say we set up camp here!" A strong Imperial voice said. "No Marcus! It is going to start raining, we need to find shelter - now." Elwyn said. "I say it will pass, a Paladin's guess is never off." Marcus responded to Elwyn. "Says you! I'm a ranger! We rangers are much more intune with nature, I assure you it will rain. And soon." Elwyn said.

"Aye! You lot, what are bickering 'bout now?" Wulfgar yelled at the strangers. "What is your name, Axeman?" Marcus inquired. "I'll tell ye mine, if ye tell me yers!" Wulfgar responded. "My name is Marcus Revoule, Imperial Paladin, currently searching for a lost artifact." Marcus told Wulfgar. "My name is Elwyn Revoule, Imperial Ranger. He is my pig-headed brother." Elwyn told Wulfgar. "Aye? Is he missy? Well, what are ye bickering about now?" Wulfgar asked again. "My brother, insists that the storm will pass. It won't, I reckon it will rain for at least two-day straight!" Elwyn told him.

"It will pass! You there, Wulfgar, what do you think?" Marcus said. "Me? Aye well, I don't know lad! You always could ask Hector! He knows everything!" Wulfgar said. "This...Hector, is he some sort of Scholar?" Elwyn asked. "No...err...not really! Hahaha!" Wulfgar laughed. "Well, what is he?" Marcus asked. "Only his daughter knows that one!" Wulfgar replied. "Ey Hector! Get up over here! These folk want to ask ye a question." Wulfgar called to Hector.

The two Imperials shiverd in fear, as the giant robed figured strided towards them.

"What is it Wulfgar?" Hector said. "Well, these two are aruging over the weather and..." Wulfgar was cut off by Caria. "Oh! Hi, I'm Caria! Who are you guys?" Caria asked, being her perky self. "I'm Elwyn, he is Marcus!" Elwyn said. "No! Know that monster knows our names!" Marcus whispered to Elwyn. "Whats that, raga?" Hector asked, clearly enraged. "What did you call me, monster?" Marcus asked, preparing to draw his blade. "Settle down Hector!" Caria yelled. "Marcus, unless you want an arrow in that fat head of yours, you better keep your hands were I can see them." Elwyn said.

The group conversed.

"So, Hector, Wulfgar says you know everything. Tell us if it will rain, to end this arugment between my brother and I." Elwyn asked Hector. "Ah, starting to have faith, are ya know Wulfgar? Well, my dear Elwyn, it will rain. I'd say for at least the next couple of days." Hector sauid. "I don't belive it! Your wrong!" Marcus said.

No sooner than Marcus had finished his sentence, it started to rain.

"Caria, before we venture into the depths of this cave I have a gift for you." Hector told her. "Oh? What is it?" Caria asked. "Well, your sword skills have recently becoem very, very, good. In my freetime, I have crafted you this sword." Hector told her. "Oh? Its so light! What is it made out of?" Caria saked. "Nothing from Tamriel." Hector told her. "Heh. Figures." Caria said.

The truth is, Caria would need that sword, for the depths of this cave would hold dangerous creatures.

"This hog is dead. Bled like a pig." Hector said. "Hahaha! Ye.....noone got it? Haha! Its a boar....and it bled like a pig! Ah, bunch 'o horkers!" Wulfgar laughed. "This is not time to laugh, Axeman. This pig was not killed by a single foe, but by a group of something...." Marcus had said. "Nay, this was done by pack of wolves, you can tell by the bitemarks." His sister said.

"Excuse me, Elwyn, but these bites are clearly done by bears." Marcus said. "Wolves, you can tell by the fangs." Elwyn said. "Ah, but the residue, they were sloppy eaters, so therefore a bear." Marcus said. "No its - " Elwyn was cut off. "It was wolves. Rabid wolves, but wolves nonetheless. No stop your bickering" Hector said. "What gives you the authority to speak to us that way, Hector? Hmm?" The foolish, but kind-hearted, Paladin asked. "The fact that you woud still be bickering in the thunderstorm, that no doubt is tearing the the trees from the ground." Hector said.

Marcus said nothing.

"The wolves will soon attack. They smell flesh." Hector said. "Wolves are not a problem for us! Trained professionals!" Caria said. "Have ye ever seen a rabid animal, lass?" Wulfgar asked her. "Well....no." Caria said. "Aye lass, rabid animals do not fear, they do not feel pain, they are insane, blessed by Sheogorath one might say." Wulfgar told her. "That sounds dreadful!" Caria said in reply. "Not once you put in arrow in there cursed skull! Haha!" Elwyn said.

Sure enough, the wolves came and the first group fell.

"Aye! 'Ector! I can't swing me axe in a tunnel like this! Not enough room!" Wulfgar called to him. "Nor can I fire an arrow, to close up, I guess its time to take out my Rangers blade!" Elwyn said, drawing her sword. "To the void, beasts!" Hector said, before emitting a light destroying the wolves.

After several hours of gutting rabid wolves, Hector and his companions found a suitable sleeping area.

"Right there Marcus, set up the bedrolls right there." Elwyn said. "Oh? While I'm doing this, what will you do? Clean your finger nails?" Marcus asked, sarcasticly. "No, I'm going to be finding some sort of flora and wolf meat to make a bit of stew." Elwyn said. "Hector, I don't like caves......at all." Caria said. "Oh? Why is that, my dear?" Hector asked. "If.....if its all the same to you, I'd rather not talk about that right now.." Caria said, clearly trying to steer the subject away. "Alright, I won't press the subject further. At the moment." Hector told her.

Wulfgar and Marcus drank, Elwyn crushed the flora and meat into small chunks, and Caria and Hector talked.

"Alright, come and get a bowl!" Elwyn yelled.

While Caria slept, Hector watched over her, determined not to let Akatosh take her again.

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is it ever going to be finished or is my waiting futile?

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Chapter 8 (Screens pending) The Bloody Gates (A bit of adult content)

"But....why? Why do you have to leave, Iggy?" Caria asked the large and demonic creature. "My name is not "Iggy". Don't worry - Dho, Ellea and Ithen will keep you safe..... they are my priests and concubines, they will protect you as I would." Hectors deep and accented voice said, cool as ice. "Concorvines? What are those? And WHY do you have to go? Is this where you leave me?" Caria asked, her eyes coated with tears. "I must go.... see an old friend, when I come back I will look different, but I will be stronger - I'll still be me. I will be back in two days time, please kitten, go into the shrine, the three will look after you." Hector told her, in his cold voice. "But......" Caria started "Yes, we all have those. Well except for Daedra, but that degrades the humor of this little cliche joke! I must go... I'm being called" Hector told her.

A quick hug was shared between the Father and the Daughter.

"Byeeeeee! You better be back soon or I'll be mad at you!" Caria shouted, whilst Hector floated in the air shrouded in a paranormal darkness.

Time and space passed by, Hector felt like he was falling and flying - and then it stopped and a ghostly and loud voiced echoed through the pitch black....

"Welcome home, Lorkhan"

"My Lord Sithis, the honor is overwhelming. Why have you summoned me my lord?" Hector said, talking into the darkness.

"The rest of your....essence has returned, it is assembling within you and molding your form as we speak - brace yourself" The cold and loud voice echoed.

"Brace? For wha-" The overwhelming pain of flesh being molded and bones re-adjusted cut him off.
"Hello, kitty! Iggy says that you'll be with us for a few days! Then we'll be joining you for an adventure! Ohhh how exciting, the four of us being out in the wilderness with Iggy..." The lovely blonde said, whilst swooning. "Ughh.... keep your mind on the job, Ellea! We all look forward to that, but you know what our Lord says "Buisness is Buisness" our job is to protect and entertain our guest." The Dark Haired, red eyed, one said coldy - much like her creator, Hector. "Oh, shut up Dho! Just because he MADE you doesn't put you in charge! That honor was mine and mine alone!" Ellea said standing tall.

"How do they stand up straight with breasts that large?" Caria thought to herself.

"Will you two cool it!? We are supposed to be pleasant, not competing with one another!" Yelled the Red headed, tanned skin female. "Your right, Ithen....." They both muttered simultaneously. "Now! Caria, my dear, dear, cat! What do you want to do?" Dho asked her, cooly. "Umm...... I got some questions..."

"Shoot!" Said the bubbly blonde. "Well.... Iggy said something about you being Concervines? Convucines?" Caria asked the three. "Concubines?" Asked Ithen. "Yes! Yes, that is it." Replied Caria. "That means Hector rides us like horses! Usually all at the same time!" Dho said, smirking. "Ewww! You.... Eww!" Caria said, he mouth curling into a grimace. "Well,..... why are your breasts so large? And how can you stand upright? It isn't right! I don't know much about that, but I know enough!" Caria asked, almost dreading the answer. "Got mik?" Dho said, and the other two bursted into laughter.

"Well, we tap into Hector's Magicka pool, we are all bound to eachother! We can call eachother for help! And well....bounding to a God, had unforseen but yummy events!" Giggled Ellea. "Oh?" Caria asked, bracing for the answer. "Yes, well....we its kind of like being pregnant - only your not. We can't get pregnant anymore, and well our breasts swelled, kitty! We are kind of like mothers, we do have milk in these things! But the only one who can relieve the, uhhh, pressure...." She was cut off by Ithen, who said "They call you silk, right Ellea?" The three girls laughed, even Caria couldn't choke back a snigger. "Well, lets just say the three of us lack the ability to relieve eachother.. on Hector can do it properly. Hehe, it sounds so dirty! " Caria squealed and yelled "EWW! You tried on eachother!!?!?" "Well, if you live as long as we have, you have a lot of time to try a lot of things, hon! It got boring after a while!" Dho said.

"Aaaandddd.... Iggy hasn't?" Caria asked. "Nope!" The three said simultaneously. "Why not?" Asked Caria. "Sheesh inquisitive little thing aren't you?" Ellea asked. "Well....lets just say he comes up with new and indeed, inventive ways to please us! Like this time when he..." She was cut off by a familar accented, deep, cool voice.

"Dammit Dho, I told you to keep off that topic!" Hector boomed. "But Iggy.... she asked..." Dho said, clearly heart broken. "Just.... try and keep off of it in the future, love." Hector told her.

And the three concubines and one daughter ran over to the newly formed Hector, and hugged and kissed him. Little did they realise, the gates started sas steel - they weren't always red.

The dark, cold aura the surrounds Green Emperor Way at night is almost haunting, it is no wonder why Lorkhan choose this time to further investigate.

"What was that?" A Imperial Guard turned to his partner, only to find him unconscious. "HEL-" Hector quickly struck him and he too, was unconcsious.

The other guards inside the Palace he found quickly followed, there was no need for bloodshed this night.

"Now, lets find something to help me here...." Hector thought to himself.

Hours of searching and nothing was found.

"Damn it all!" Hector shouted - The moth priests had earleir been knocked out. "Nothing, not a hint or a clue or a...." Hector thought, when suddenly a book caught his eye.

"Hackdirt: What really happened?" Hector said aloud. "Hmm, that was quite an event" Hector thought to himself.

"To my good and excellent friend, the reader - I assume you are one of the Imperial Guard, so this book is safe with you. Before we proceed with my report and speculcations of Hackdirt, you must swear upon the Dragon (Hector smirked) that you will inform no Civillian or Recruit of what this book holds, nor will you use this book for profit or any form of gain."

Hector chuckled and turned to the first page.

"Officialy, the event at Hackdirt were caused by the Legion - a sacking of a filth-ridden hole of bandits and kidnappers. Unofficialy, the events of Hackdirt haunt me to this very day. All who lived in Hackdirt perished that day, but it was not by the hand of the Legion - something far more powerful did that to those buildings and people. Something...not of this world. I only caught the backside of what did it, it was floating over the smoldering ruins. I fired an arrow at it, but unlike any Man, Elf or Daedra I've ever seen, it simply waved its hand and the arrow reversed direction and struck me, instead of its designated target." Hector's eyes grew wide.

"No, dear reader, this was no normal creature. No mage could destroy that much stone at once. The sights...and the smells of the scene were haunting and nothing but pure hatred lingered in the air that day. It was dark. Grim.... I... I shudder with the mere thought of what might have happened if that creature turned and saw myself and my unit - we would have winded up like those who were in Hackdirt, rest thier souls. I'm sure this was some Daedric Lord or Prince or Count, no grunt or man could have done that. The wonderous gates, made of ivory and steel and silver that once led into the wonderful town had lost its shine - it was covered in dirt and rubble and....and... and blood. So much blood it stained the damned gate red!"

Hector had a shocking realisation - someone saw him at Hackdirt. Not some incoherent jabbering Goblin, but a Solider. And a smart one at that.

"I leave you now, with the knowledge of what I saw and think, you can form your own decision after your reading of this.


Hector knew there was only one thing to do - find who saw him, and find out just how much he saw.