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Shadow Ranger

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Posted 31 July 2007 - 04:59 AM

TCR Shadow Ranger:

Current Version 2.6


Requires Oblivion 1.2.0416 Patch




Wolf Companion and Alternate Animal Textures
Wolf Pack and Bear Companion
Lion Companion and Alternate Animal Textures
Ranger Camp
Ranger Camp Location
Stealth Effect
Shadow Bow and Arrows
Shadow Weapons
Camouflage Power
Shadow Steed
Ranger Armor

Pics by Floydian1

MOD DOCUMENTATION: (List of spells, powers, weapons, enhancements, fixes, and more)
TSR Readme


This mod introduces a series of enhancements and add-ons for Ranger Class, namely an advanced animal companion (Wolf, Bear, or Panther). It can be activated either via starting a new game with default ranger class, custom ranger class or applied to existing savegame.

Please note that this mod is based on Nazkira's "The Complete Ranger" mod; I take no credit for the modification itself, only the changes I have implemented.

The "Shadow Ranger" includes over 25 levels of spells, abilities, powers, weapons, and armor.
It also contains many bug fixes not found in the original mod by Nazkira.


- New Shadow Ranger Bow
- Shadow, Enchanted, Ranger Arrows and Quiver
- 7 New Alternate Textures for Animal Companions
- Shadow Blade, Sword, and Knife with Assassination Effect
- 3 Animal Companions to choose from (Bear, Wolf, and Lion)
- 25 Levels of custom Spells, Effects, and Powers
- 8 Unique Sets of Ranger Armor
- Summon WolfPack or Lion Pride Power
- No Refraction Stealth Effect
- 16 Commands to control your animal companion
- Ranger Ring and Shadow Ranger Ring
- Shadow Ranger Faction, Camp, and Ranger NPC's
- Camouflage Effect (textures change in real time)


- The Shadow Ranger is an alternative to "The Complete Ranger" mod (Do Not install both mods).
- This mod was tested with OOO 1.32, Unofficial Oblivion Patch, Francesco's, DangerSense,
Legendary Mastery, Kal's, Beautiful People, Quest Award Leveling, Attack and Hide, MMM, and great many other mods.
- Compatible with Shivering Isles.
- Not compatible with mods that remove the essential flag from NPC's.
- Camouflage texture effect is not compatible with mods that remove/modify effect shaders.


v 2.6

* Now required to talk with the Shadow Master before you gain Ranger abilities and companion.

- 8 New Sets of Ranger Armor (Male/Female).
- Ranger Knife and Offhand Version (Extra Damage based on Blade skill).
- Shadow Knife and Offhand Version (Assassination Effect).
- Adjusted Skills for Ranger Class.
- Added Blade Mastery (Your skill with a sword will increase as you gain levels, same as Archery Mastery).
- Fixed Chameleon bug
- Added all Ranger & Shadow weapons to leveled Lists (Removed Shadow Blade gift quest).
- Re-arranged and removed some Ranger spells/powers/skills.
- Fixed textures on Wolf and Ranger Arrows.
- Rebalanced Ranger & Shadow Arrows (Damage and Speed).
- Increased companion training Points (completely train animal companions by level 12).
- Added 3 additional Bows (Re-Curve, Mongolian Horseman, and Mirage Bow w/ new morph).
- Added Shadow Ranger Faction and Icons.
- Added console command to turn Stealth effect off/on.
- Fixed Low aggression mode.
- Added Hands of the Healer Power (Heal 20 for 10 sec, Cure Disease, Cure Poison, Cure Paralysis)
on Touch for 50ft.
- Companion now uses Defend Me (Low & High aggression modes) when "As you will" is set for him to make his
own choices. This is dependent on which aggression level (Defend Me command) you have set.
- Made Calm Animal and Charm Animal compatible with MMM creatures (added alternate MMM .esp file).
- Shadow's Grasp Power added (paralyze you foes for a duration, improves with level).


- motub's Greeting fix (no longer requires mod to be loaded last),
- Emil's Command Fix (fixes issue with attack and defend me commands).
- Charm/invisibility fix (Invisibility is no longer stuck when crouched in
stealth/sneak mode and an action is performed).
- DB Fix (Wolf is no longer attacked when entering the DB sanctuary).
- Scout Fix (fixes wolf speed and scout area radius)
- Oblivion Fix: Companions no longer will get stuck in Oblivion plane.
- Charm/Hold/Calm Animal fix: No longer breaks animal companion or Horse's
aggression level.
- Fixed Training point bug where some people were not getting training points when leveling.


Q: Which .esp file do I activate?
A: If you are using Martigens Monster Mod then activate the "TCR Shadow Ranger for MMM.esp"
If you do not use MMM, then activate the "TCR Shadow Ranger.esp" The MMM file adds compatibility
for the custom creatures regarding the "Calm Animal and Charm Animal" ranger spells.

Q: How do I choose the animal companions (Wolf, Bear, & Panther)?
A: You can pick from any of the three when you start the mod. Aditionally, you will be granted the
"Summon Animal Companion" power at level 9. This will give you the ability to switch to any of the
additional companions (once per day).

Q: where is my companion? He is not appearing!
A: This could be due to two things.
1. Sometimes it can take up to a few minutes for the companion to appear. You can use "fast travel"
to make him appear faster.
2. The meshes and texture files have not been loaded correctly.

Q: If I use your version of this mod, is the Shadow Ranger an alternative to the original Ranger,
or does it replace the original (i.e., do I have to be a Shadow Ranger? Maybe I'm not evil)?
A: yes, you need to replace the original "The Complete ranger" It adds new spells, abilities,
weapons, and fixes.
You can play as a normal ranger as well, the mod doesn't change your class, only gives you spells,
abilities, and items based on a shadow ranger.
How evil you are depends on what exactly you think a "shadow Ranger" is.

Q: How do I find the Ranger Rings?
A: The Ranger Rings are granted to you at various levels, you will need to find the Shadow Master
when you receive a message that your training has been completed (level 8 and 14).

Q: Where do I find the Bow, Blades, Armor, and Arrows?
A: They are located at the "Ranger Camp" SE of Skingrad, you should have an icon on your map.
They are in the Shadow Masters leveled lists and will not begin appearing until level 6.

Q: What effect does the Ranger Knife have?
A: The Ranger Knife has a random chance of the players "Blade Skill" being added to the damage of the attack.

Q: What effect does the Shadow Knife, Blade, and Sword have?
A: These weapons perform the following effects.
Additional Damage: Extra damage based on your level.
Backstab: Multiplier based on your Sneak and Blade Skills.*
Assassination: Instantly Kills your enemy.*

* You must be in Sneak mode and not detected to perform these actions.

Q: What effect does the Shadow Bow have?
A: The Shadow Bow has three effects.
Extra Damage: multiplier based on your Agility and Marksman skills.
Critical hit: Increased multiplier based on your Agility and Marksman skills.
Kill Evil: Instantly Kills any evil character.


- Nazkira: Based on his excellent mod.


- Adonnay: Shadow Blade, Sword and Shadow Arrows.
- Nicoroshi: Bow of the Drow model, Ranger Knife, and Ranger Arrows.


- AlienSlof: Original leather, chainmail and boots textures.
- Sinblood: Original patterned leather texture.
- TaylorSD: Stealth greaves and Boots meshes/textures.
- Nicoroshi: Modified Elven male cuirass and fixed Mithril male cuirass meshes.
- Adonnay: Original Ranger cuirass and Gauntlets textures.
- Dimitri Mazieres: Meshes mix-n-match, texturing and recoloring.


- Adonnay: Shadow Bow effect.
- motub: Greeting fix.
- Emil: Command script fix.
- Dragoon Wraith: Scripting help.
- mko_san: Creating this text document.
- Buhay: Panther and Leopard textures.
- Addiktive: Shadow Ranger Ring.
- ScruggsyWuggsy: Scripting help on assassination effect.
- FlyFightFlea: NightEye Fix and scripting help.
- Beta Testers: Vincent Wyrmwing, mko_san, Reinhart Menken, LionHeart311, & BellJack95.

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