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Helpful hints and tips - now on the SHS wiki!

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Posted 25 August 2007 - 09:36 AM

The number of pinned topics in this section was getting a little overwhelming, so we have moved some of them to the SHS wiki. These pages are full of helpful hints, tips and answers from the community - feel free to use them, and remember that a wiki can be edited by anyone. Is anything missing? Just add it!

Hardcoded engine limitations
Things we can't do. This includes things like increasing the number of people you can have in your party, and so on.

NPC name list
Here you can find a list of names of characters who appear in the games or in various mods.

Naming your character
Helpful links and resources both for real-world names and fantasy ones.

Overused ideas and Underused ideas
Anything you're afraid the community might have tired of? Anything the community might want to see more of?

What ability scores mean
A list of what the numbers actually mean, as well as a table detailing how ability scores change with age.

The old topics have been unpinned, but not deleted.

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