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DM: Loth's Better Weapon Racks

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Posted 12 September 2007 - 07:34 PM

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File Name: Loth's Better Weapon Racks
File Submitter: Loth DeBonneville
File Submitted: 12 Sep 2007
File Updated: 16 Sep 2007
File Category: Miscellaneous

Loth's Better Weapon Racks: Oblivion
A modder's resource for TESIV Oblivion
Version [2.0 Full Release]

This mod adds new meshes and textures for (9) alternate and hopefully more functional and attractive weapon rack furniture.


WARNING: This update includes changes to the previous Beta releases and will affect the 'transform' of any installed racks. After update you will need to reopen your *.esp and reposition each rack. I advise you to unload any equipment already stored in racks from the previous release as a precaution.

Additions (since Beta 1.2):

Loth's Better Weapon Racks (Demo).esp


Fully compatible with all mods but not all items




Bethesda - NIF template
Loth DeBonneville - Original meshes, collision, and textures


Expand the archive file into your Oblivion\ folder. If asked, permit to overwrite folders when prompted. Launch the CS and create a new static object using the NIF(s) provided. Place the item(s) into the Oblivion world where desired.

A demo *.esp is provided if you would like to test before installing/using. Launch Oblivion and activate the *.esp provided. Once ingame open the console and type 'coc testinghall'. All racks will be sitting outside the door to the weapon room. Test using your own inventory or take anything from weapon room to demo.

Game Play:

Each rack functions strictly by its custom collision geometry. Pick up appropriately sized weapons (claymores, hammers, bows, axes, longswords, etc.) using the 'grab' key and drop (slide) them thru the top slots in the rack just as you would in real life. The item should settle quietly into place (ie swords should catch on their cross guards, hammers on their heads, axes on their blades).


Rack Details

Tall and Medium Racks

The collision structure of the rack is gaged closely to the surface structure and eash slot is actually a vertical 'tunnel' that extends all the way to the ground. This constrains the item providing excellent 'bump' protection but that is also dependent on the collision mesh surrounding the subject item. Items that are smaller in diameter than the openings in the top of the rack will (as expected) fall to the bottom but can be retrieved by adding them back to the player inventory. These racks do not support bows, daggers, katanas, and staves very well or at all.

Bow Rack

Same as tall and Medium. Drop the bow in the top (facing forward or backwards as preferred) and let it settle.

Shelf Rack

General purpose shelf. Store anything you wish.

Weapon Table

General purpose table. Store anything you wish.

Shield Rack

Designed to hold shields upright for display. Positioning can be little tricky with the grab key but once placed should be quite stable.

Sword Stone

Part of a special request by LHammonds. This is a smooth block of marble with no apprarent opening in the angled face. With care however you can insert a sword (blade first) down thru the center of the face and it will appear embedded.

Stepped Weapon Rack

Table mounted shelves are ideal for daggers, katanas, loose arrows or other small diameter items. Most maces work as well

Staff Container

Vertical 'umbrella stand' style holder supports up to (9) staves for attractive display.


Please report testing results on the TES Forums or email lothdebonneville@hotmail.com.


You may use any or all of the original content included without permission but I do request that I be given credit for the meshes and textures where used. I would like to be notified of any public release based on this content as a matter of courtesy.

Click here to download this file