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Challenge #5 Vengeance

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#1 Kellen


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Posted 21 September 2007 - 11:23 AM

Second to last paragraph is giving a little trouble(attempted to fix it but still a little iffy). But hey, I got it in before the end of the month. (Course that has to do with a broken mouse, which leaves me no chance of playing other games to sidetrack.) Again a Warcraft 3 entry, but their relationship is so intriguing. And again with pictures.

And it's a little short this time. But hope you like it.

And yes, the picture proceeding is the one speaking. ;)


Posted Image

These chains will not hold forever. In the darkness of the cold earth, they seek to hide me away, as if to hide their sins. They set little wardens to guard me, and hope to throw the key so far as to never remember. And to counsel themselves that it is not I they fear, they chain others with me, others whom they might guard, others who have been betrayed.

I sought to repair what they had almost destroyed in their recklessness. But my brother, he does not understand. None of them do. They believed that magic was the sin, but it is only power. They feared I would bring the demons upon us once more.

Their solution was to leave me here for eternity itself, till the prison crumbles around me.

It has been millennia since I last heard the songs of the birds. The waves of the Well on the shores. Her voice, strong, but gentle. Instead I hear the cries of the other prisoners, the prayers and preachings of Cenarius? own arrogant son, and things that skitter trough the walls. I hear only the wardens and prisoners of my people.

For my brother, for the warden, for the betrayal, vengeance will be mine.

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His chains hold me beneath the earth as well as they do him. Here we hide the worst of the betrayers, whose sins are beyond reasoning. But all my sisters are truly here for one monster. They sealed us in to guard him. None of the others matter.

He nearly brought the demons upon us again with his recklessness, and my brother. The Betrayer nearly killed him. As if the preservation of his vile magics was not enough. For what he has done he can never be forgiven.

I will watch him for eternity itself, till the prison crumbles around me.

It has been millennia since I last saw the birds in the trees. The waves on the shore. His face, strong, but gentle. Instead I see hard stone walls, prison bars, the monstrosities which prowl the rest of the Barrow Deeps. I see only the wardens and prisoners of my people.

For my brother, for my sisters, for the betrayal, justice... vengeance will be mine.

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For the betrayal I will be repaid. If it takes ten thousand years of darkness I will have retribution. He will suffer and I will be vindicated. One day I will be free. And then...

Vengeance will be mine!
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#2 Solar's Harper

Solar's Harper

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Posted 21 September 2007 - 01:31 PM

:D Indeed Lord Illidian, revenge will be yours. ^_^

Nice work there Kellen, kinda suprised Tyrande didn't play much on Illidan's thoughts during his imprisonment, nonetheless you captured his hateful side well so yeah. Excellent job :cheers:

Meh, and nice choice with the pics Kellen. ^_^
They fit in just like puzzle pieces in my opinion. :)

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#3 Celestine


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Posted 23 September 2007 - 05:14 PM

Agreed, Tyrande only set Illidan free to help them against the undead, yet Illidan still rescues her. I honestly don't think the elves had any right to imprison him in the first place. Oh but whatever. :P

Great story, Kellen, always nice to see another W3 fic, especially on Illidan. :wub: I gotta admit I don't like Manev (sp?) so much though in the game. She's kinda obsessed.

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