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DM: Ryu Doppler's Cloth and Cape Resource

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Posted 22 September 2007 - 01:45 PM

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File Name: Ryu Doppler's Cloth and Cape Resource
File Submitter: Ryu Doppler
File Submitted: 22 Sep 2007
File Updated: 3 Feb 2008
File Category: Models/Textures

= Cape And Cloth Resource =

Author: Ryu Doppler

= Details: Ryu Doppler =

In the pursuit for creating a good looking cape for my own character, I messed with several options. Originally I just used the normal Capes and Cloaks, but found the upper cape neck cloth wrap too...weird for my liking and scrapped it. Eventually Ghogiel released his Armory, and I saw potential in the cloth of the bonemold to be a good upper cloth replacer. And with a bit of Blender work, made it so. Various nips and tucks made it acceptable, but I was never really satisfied with the back portion. It just didn't scream a good blend into the cape for me. Never the less, I used it for quite some time.

Eventually however a fellow modder on the Bethesda Forums named Navarris, unintentionally pointed out a suitable, and better replacement for the Upper Cloth in a Shivering Isles mesh of all things! After a bit of work on the Patchwork Shirt, I successfully removed the Cloth, resized it, and gave it some acceptable bone weights to move slightly so as to prevent really bad clipping (although it still occurs, but not as bad as it normally would.)

Cape With Ghogiel's Cloth.nif - The older version using the Clothwrap from Ghogiels Bonemold

Cape With Cloth.nif - The newer version using the Clothwrap from Bethesda's Patchwork Shirt (SI)

= Background Notes =

This is a Mesh and Texture resource, requiring work within either Nifscope, the Construction Set, Blender, or all of them or combinations of such to use it from within the game. This is mainly released for Modders, and for members of the community with an fair understanding of Nifscope/Blender or both, who wish to use it.

This is also Oblivion Modders Resource, open to members of the community to use in their projects, be it modding or personal, as they may see fit. My simple request of this however, is that I am given credit for this resource's compliation, and that I am respectfully contacted and asked before it is used in mods (especially so for big mods, major projects and the like.)

= History =

1.1, Released a Cape and Cloth which is a reduced version of the New Cloth (having reduced the hood to not be so much a hood).
1.0, Released the Cape and Cloth I use, both the Old Ghogiel Version, and New Cloth Version. Meshes and Textures.

= Credits =

Thanks to ME! Ryu Doppler for tweaking the meshes and Textures to make it all possible
Thanks to Karstux for the skeleton that is used in the Nif File
Thanks to Someone1074 for creating Creating the Original Cape and Texture
Thanks to Navarris for pointing out a replacement Cloth for the cape
Thanks to Ghogiel for the creating the Base for the Cloth Texture and the Original Clothwrap Mesh
Thanks to Bethesda for creating Oblivion. And more specifically Shivering Isles for the New Clothwrap! (Patchwork Shirt)
Thanks to TESNexus.com for the a one-stop-shop resource for authors and players.
Thanks to Spellhold Studios for also being a host to the Resource.

Click here to download this file
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