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DM: Mage Equipment PATCH

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#1 Najaknevrec

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Posted 11 November 2007 - 09:09 AM

File Name: Mage Equipment PATCH
File Submitter: Najaknevrec
File Submitted: 11 Nov 2007
File Updated: 19 Nov 2007
File Category: Models/Textures

This is a Second patch to my mod Mage equipment. You NEED to have the original mod installed (you can find download links in the read-me Patch file), you, however, do not need the first patch!

The second Patch repairs smoe more bugs and adds new meshes - two hoods and also 23 nwe items - boots and gloves, all of them are enchanted and you can find them on NPCs, in loots or at merchants.

The First Patch

This patch repairs several mistakes and bugs. Their list is in the read-me Patch file. Them most important features are: fixing the prices of the robes and making them less easy to find

you can find the original mod here:

Click here to download this file