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DM: UFF/Robert Hircine's Children BETA

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#1 SickleYield

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Posted 10 December 2007 - 04:30 PM

File Name: UFF/Robert Hircine's Children BETA
File Submitter: SickleYield
File Submitted: 10 Dec 2007
File Category: Races/Hair/Eyes

I'm not sure whether this will have an audience here, but what the heck, any exposure I can get. ;)

PICS, censored (this is a fully nude race):



This is a race of beast people, children of the daedra who has long been called the Father of Manbeasts. Hircine's Children preserve the sacred mystery of their father, for they are hunters in the bodies of prey.

These aren't exactly satyrs; I wanted them to be more purely goat people, so the body parts are more goatlike. The claws aren't, but they're a bipedal race and it seemed a reasonable equivalent to go with the hooves.

Stats are similar to Dunmer, nothing to unbalance the game. This race has ears, claws, hooves and a tail which are not in the tail slot, so you can still wear jewelry etc. in that slot. Body pieces are automatically equipped and you will get a short message at the beginning of the game. This is part of the necessary scripting and not an error.

At present you cannot wear anything except the enclosed items in the barrel outside the Imperial Prison Sewer. This is what makes this a beta. Included is a simple skirt in light/heavy armor and a pair of ankle irons and iron "boots" for the race.

There is also scripted arena armor for this race in order to avoid breaking immersion while doing those quests, so if you equip Arena heavy or light armor you will automatically get the right mesh equipped. Eventually I would like to have all the armors done this way, if I can ever get my copy of OBSE to open the CS correctly.

The future release of Syntyche's Cavern for UFF/Robert will also have several Hircine's Child clothing items, including some pretty neat hoof accessories. Be on the lookout.


-Fantasy Figures Beta
-Robert's Average Bodies (Muscular version may or many not fit the satyrish lowerbody)
-OBSE 0012 or later


-Nequam's Elaborate Eyes or another mod using those meshes. Textures are included for both with and without this, see the readme for further details.
-UFF/Robert Syntyche's Cavern, when I get that finished (later this month).


Anything that adds new eyes and hair, per usual. You'll need to merge it with Elaborate Eyes or anything similar to get functionality of both ingame.

CREDITS: A big HUGE thanks to Ronyn for the scripts.

Thanks to Dark Diva and JDayt for the inspiration.

And as always, Enigmatic basically owns title deed to my kidneys for having taught me everything I know in Blender.

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I love Elves. They taste like chicken.

#2 SickleYield

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Posted 11 December 2007 - 06:02 PM

And a fix for the normal maps, so they won't be so shiny:


Also can be found at this mirror at TesNexus:

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I love Elves. They taste like chicken.