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DM: AlienSlof's battlemage cuirass exnemized

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Spirited Treasure
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Posted 31 December 2007 - 04:45 PM

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File Name: AlienSlof's battlemage cuirass exnemized
File Submitter: Spirited Treasure
File Submitted: 31 Dec 2007
File Category: Models/Textures

this is simply an mesh replacer for those who are using exnem and also want to use AlienSlof's
newest robe trader with the nice battle mage outfits..

simply let these 4 meshes over write hers and you are done =s=

I did this in an effort to show my appreciation of years of enjoyment of beautifully textured work
that I could never hope in my wildest dreams to create..

I bow to you Lady ..

Spirited Treasure

Permissions: refer to AlienSlof's read me! All I did was tweak ..

Click here to download this file
The body is a cage each of us trapped within our own little worlds, beasts torn from the wild, put on parade, never comprehending what goes on outside beyond the cage. But sometimes, when the handlers aren't looking, we can reach through the bars and touch one another. If we try really hard, if we strain and stretch to make that contact and it only lasts a few seconds, I know. But it feels like forever and I'd want it that way, forever freed from the cages wild and unfettered, flying when we can fly, running when we cannot, bounding and leaping over hills and plains, the world spread out before us in sunlight, sunset, darkness, twilight. I dream at night of a key, or two. One for me and one for you.