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Introduction and FAQ

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Posted 05 January 2008 - 06:13 AM

Welcome to Spellhold Studios' PC Voice Set Mod! This mod adds 22 new and unique sound sets for the PC to choose from - 9 female and 13 male, including racial sets for dwarves, halflings and half-orcs, and varying from the most righteous paladins to the sassiest rogues and most psychotic killers.

We have had several Spellhold members to write and voice these sets so the range is wide. Here is the FAQ where you find more detailed answers to your burning questions, and if something is left unanswered, please ask!


What version is the newest?
Version 1.0 which includes 22 full PC voicesets. Please see its readme here for detailed version information and credits.

How do I install?
The soundsets have their own automated installer. You can choose the ones you wish from one to all 22, and the installer downloads, extracts and installs them. Thus you require internet connection for it to work.

How do I uninstall?
Run "uninstall.exe" from the shs#soundsets folder inside your game directory.

Who were writing the sets?
berelinde, Celestine, Deathsangel, Feuille, Ilmatar and K'aeloree have worked as the authors.

And who voiced them?
berelinde, Deathsangel, Ilmatar, K'aeloree, Miss Sakaki, SConrad and WeeRLegion.

What sort of voice sets does this mod include?
9 female and 13 male - there are suitable sets for many different kinds of classes and races. We have a detailed list with sound samples of each of them here - be sure to read that through so you know which ones you would like to install!

Is this all of them?
For version 1.0 yes, but we are still working on more. If you are interested in either writing or voicing, you are most welcome to join the project!

Any bugs?
Not that we know of. Let us know if you find any problems!

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