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DM: Wyrmfang

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Posted 06 January 2008 - 08:27 PM

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File Name: Wyrmfang
File Submitter: nicoroshi
File Submitted: 6 Jan 2008
File Updated: 14 Jan 2008
File Category: Weapons/Armour

Readthis for WyrmFang 1.3

Reason for this mod:

I promised to create this sword for ThorTheViking's thread at ESF.

I made the off-hand matching dagger for my character.

What this mod does:

This mod adds one Wyrmfang sword, and one Wyrmfang defensive dagger to the Necromancer's Asylum at the bottom of Mackamentain Aylied ruins.

Installation instructions:

Unpack the mod to a known location like My Documents.
Find the folder marked 'Data' and copy it to your Oblivion folder.
When prompted to overwrite answer "Yes to All"
Start up Oblivion, and place a checkmark next to Wyrmfang.esp in your data directory.
Play and enjoy :)

Special Installation note for OOO users:

If you use OOO please find the folder marked "esp for OOO" in the downloaded mod files, and edit/copy to folder the .esp within to your Oblivion/Data folder.
Answer "Yes to all" to the prompt.

Un-installation instructions:

Remove the checkmark next to 'Wyrmfang.esp'in your data directory at Oblivion start up.

Known issues:

Enchanting either the sword or the off-hand dagger will break the auto-equip script for the off-hand blade.

Seems that there is a conflict with the location of the weapons, and OOO. If you use OOO please use the enclosed .esp for OOO to solve the issue.


Enclosed within the mod files is a folder marked 'Hints' that contains a picture of the location of Mackamentain.

Also enclosed is a folder named ".esp for OOO" containing a .esp file for compatibility with OOO.


Thanks to ThorTheViking for the original request, and for providing the 2D artwork I modeled from.
Thanks also to CosmicBanana for the idea of 'Wyrm' in the item name.

Version History:

1.0 initial release
1.1 added missing icons
1.2 Reworked .nif files (cleaned bogus nodes....Thanks to Deathless Aphroditie for the bug report) , and ajusted link arrays for textures (basically giving both the same shine properties, and cleaning un-needed references).
1.3 Added an .esp for OOO (thanks to PeterEater for the conflict report).


It is alright to use the mesh,texture, and icon as a modder's resource. It is also alright to reupload this mod in it's original form.
Please give credit to me (in your readme) for my original work.

Click here to download this file