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Sylmar Battlefield v 1.02 Released!

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Posted 16 January 2008 - 04:11 PM

Sylmar Battlefield v 1.02

Download location - Forum discussion

Aid a nation of elves with an invasion into their holy burial grounds. Fight in a war alongside the elven army, and test your battlefield acumen by combating against continually attacking hosts of orcs and even against deadly, nightmarish demons, while keeping the elven commander alive and their holy grounds sacred.

The Orcs and Elves, and some other CREs, scale according to your level and move in squads.

This mod is meant to be a small sample battlefield, as a precursor of what is to come in Silmarillion. It is NOT a Total Conversion and is totally compatible with all other WeiDU mods.


UPDATES / BUG FIXES from v 1.01
  • The map loading bug was not yet fixed on v1.01, so I included a separate TIS and tisunpack for it. the Installation is now significantly larger in size but it shouldn't be a problem
UPDATES / BUG FIXES from v 1.00
  • Teleported directly to Zy1800, this should not cause the game to hang (tested by clearing the BG2/cache of AR1800.BIF)
  • Balrogs are now immune to Harm, Stun and Slow
  • Orcs will now spawn almost immediately if there are no orcs on the map
  • Timers have been adjusted to increase Orc Squad Spawn Rate
  • Orcs are slightly less prone to overcrowding
  • The Warden now counts towards the 3 Elven Commander limit on the map
  • The Warden's Squad no longer "separates" on spawning
  • Respawning Squad members are now very unlikely to be assigned to the wrong Squad, an effect that caused Elf Squads to grow beyond their maximum size on Respawning

Posted Image Khadion NPC mod - Team leader, head designer
Posted Image Hubelpot NPC mod - Team leader, coder
Posted Image NPC Damage - Coder
Posted Image PC Soundsets - Coder, voice actor
Posted Image Brythe NPC mod - Designer
Posted Image DragonLance TC - Glory of Istar - Designer
Posted Image The NPC Interaction Expansion Project - Writer for Cernd, Sarevok
Posted Image The Jerry Zinger Show - Producer

Iron Modder 5 - Winner