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Sylmar Battlefield Download

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Posted 17 February 2008 - 06:00 PM


Here's a Link to the Sylmar Battlefield. Its a little lame, I know ^^;;

Aid a nation of elves with an invasion into their holy burial grounds. Fight in a war alongside the elven army, and test your battlefield acumen by combating against continually attacking hosts of orcs and even against deadly, nightmarish demons, while keeping the elven commander alive and their holy grounds sacred.

Off the side note, further support will NOT be offered for this version of Sylmar Battlefield. In the process of reworking the engine, the previous one has to be left behind. More varieties of troops will be expected when I release the next version I guess.

Meantime any suggestions how to improve the map. The main issue on this map is the space constraint, resulting in "stuck" squads more often than not :(

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