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Ninde; An Introduction.

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Posted 24 April 2008 - 11:11 AM

Lady Ninde Amblecrown; once Waterdeep?s most alluring young ingenue, now a hunted woman with a tongue like a guillotine, formidable magical skill and a matching ego. Will you befriend her? Grow to love her? Will you even be able to bring yourself to tolerate her?

Her lavish upbringing have perhaps left Ninde with a slightly bloated sense of entitlement that doesn?t exactly suit her to adventure, and certain events of her past darkened her temperament. That?s not to say Ninde doesn?t appreciate life?s more earthy pleasures ? men, mead and magic are her self-confessed vices, and ?being poor, seal-clubbing, and chastity? the only things she isn?t good at. Although perhaps she exaggerates slightly, there. She will certainly prover herself a wily, capable and (hopefully) entertaining companion, whether trying to bed Valygar or encouraging <CHARNAME> to take a little walk on the wild side. If your lucky, you may even see a more serious face of the vivacious elf.

Whether Ninde is truly a woman altered beyond repair by the blackening tinct of her past, or the proverbial tart with a heart ? well, that?s for you to decide.


Name: Ninde

Gender: Female

Race: Elf

Class: Necromancer

Alignment: Neutral Evil

STR: 9 (Fairly average; Ninde has never experienced hard labour or wielded anything heavier then a staff.)
DEX: 15 (Natural elfin grace plus a childhood filled with dance classes.)
CON: 10 (Again, average. She takes care of herself, but isn't precisely stout.)
INT: 16 (Expensive, expansive formal education and a generally quick mind.)
WIS: 16 (She's seen the world, and lived in it. Perhaps a little too much.)
CHA: 15 (Vivacious and assertive with an elegant turn of phrase.)

Biography: ?The past is precisely that ? the past.? Ninde says, with a pointed yawn. Despite her initial reluctance, you soon manage to glean a little more information about the sun elf?s past. Namely that although she was born in the Elven forest of Cormanthor, she was raised in Waterdeep, by a wealthy family of human traders, who spared no expense on her magical education. But although she developed a taste for the finer things in life, she was distinctly less delighted by the prospect of having to work for them. To her adoptive families chagrin, she fell in with the city?s seedier element, and began to delve into the shadier side of arcane lore. Soon she went from Waterdhavian high society?s most desirable young ingenue to a regular among the ghosts and rats of its criminal underbelly. And indeed, whatever secrets she unearthed there have left their mark on the elf. Her eyes tell you more of the tragedy, darkness, and romance of her past than the secretive Ninde herself ever would.



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