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Frequently Asked Questions

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Posted 28 April 2008 - 10:43 PM

Q: Is the Viconia Friendship compatible with XYZ mod?
A: It most certainly should be, but we have not tested it with every single mod available. If you do encounter an error, please contact K'aeloree (kae(at)spellholdstudios(d.o.t)net) or alternatively post on here on the forums.

Q: I have a female PC. When will the friendship start?
A: It should begin around 15 minutes after Viconia joins your party.

Q: I have a male PC. When will the friendship start?
A: It should begin around 2 hours after you have ended the romance.

Q: She doesn't seem terribly friendly to me!
A: What, did you expect hugs and puppies? Viconia is not Aerie.

Q: I've only had two dialogues, and the friendship has stopped!
A: This would be because Viconia most probably doesn't like you. She can be rather picky sometimes, and she won't like just any PC.</p>

Q: The friendship seems to have stalled after that, what should I do?
A: Either you have been so rude to her that she has made the decision to ignore you, or you are at one of several talks requiring certain conditions to occur. Talk 6/7 occurs in the city, talk 9 occurs at rest and the last friendtalk occurs in Hell.

Q: This mod isn't in character at *all*.
A: I'm always looking for ways to improve the characterisation in this mod, so please send any suggestions or criticism to me (kae@spellholdstudios.net) or post here on the forums.

Q: Have you got any plans to expand the mod by adding more dialogues in future?
A: I sure do--if you have any suggestions for dialogue you would like to see in the mod, please post it on the forum--I'd be happy to take a look at it!

Q: Does this mod change the game in any way besides adding more dialogue to Viconia?
A: No, it shouldn't.

Q: Is there any chance that player initiated dialogue will be added in future?
A: There are currently no plans for it, but if players are interested in it I would be happy to consider adding some in future versions.

Q: I would like to translate the Viconia friendship into another language. Any chance you could TRAify the mod?
A: Sure, I'm happy to. If you are interested in translating, just send me a line and I'll see what I can do for the next version.

Q: God, you're a prick. Please stop modding.
A: ... no. :D