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Kotor 2 Sith classes

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#21 -Thomas-

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Posted 01 March 2012 - 11:52 AM

Haha the last post was april in 2010. Anyways, in my experience, consular is my least favorite starting class, you don't have enough force powers or force points for it to be effective in the beginning, which is what it is meant for. Guardian is not too bad, considering if you go all your attributes strength, and you are a guardian, then you can easily destroy droids or humans for that matter early on, and it foes well with any other prestige class. My favorite for the beginning is sentinal, because it gives you the skills you will need later on in the game, as well as the beginning. I recently (today) beat the game for the 7th time as a dark side sentinal, sith marauder. Now this was very effective. ***SPOILER ALERT*** once I got in to Trayus' academy, it started to get difficult; as it does for everyone.. when you are fighting 2 sith marauders, 3 sith lords and 15 sith assassins at once. The best thing, is force wave, and then individually go to each and every one, and master flurry. it's a one hit kill for EVERYTHING, now for me personally (talking about my personal class RECOMMENDED) I had every single feat for dual handed weapon (with sith marauder you ger extra feats for dual wield weapons) and all the lightsaber feats. And I had a double bladed lightsaber, and i never missed, and never hit under 50... I hit the enemy 3 times (using master flurry). Also, if you use marauder, you can get the force power furry which is like wookie rage. And you get a massive health and offensive boost, at the cost of a small miniscule amount of defense. I was unstoppable. I would run in to the academy, and kill everything. Sion was a 1 hit (as you know he comes back about 6 times) and I just hit him every time after he regained health. OK so that sums up my class of Sentinal Marauder. Just make sure that you get a dual wield weapon because it REALLY makes a difference. Sith Lord/ Jedi Master=garbage, assassin/watchman=ok.

#22 -Ezio-

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Posted 01 October 2013 - 08:59 PM

Best combo in the game is both in my opinion and in my experience Consular/Assassin and for only one simple reason.

The sneak attack feat line of an assassin + The force rape of the consular works like penutbutter and jelly. With the consular's force focus ability, you can stun enemies with little trouble (a well-built consular can stun Darth Traya)... then you go up and wack them with your lightsaber with an extra 10-60 per hit from sneak attack. You can rely little on strength yet still manage to dish out shit tons of damage with your saber.


My Reccomended Build

Str: 10

Dex: 15

Con: 12

Int: 10

Wis: 16 (Power wisdom all the way.)

Cha: 12


This build has many benifits. Aside from the extra 10-60 damage per hit, this mix of classes leaves you with no cross-class skills. Yeah you wont get very many skill points per level due to the 10 int but you'll have enough to keep repair and persuade at their best. Then when you get your prestige class, you will get an extra skill point per lvl which i reccomend being dedicated to stealth, although you could dedicate the extra point per level to anything you choose, since you have no cross-class skills. Stealth is far from useful, but its always fun to dick around with it ;)

Why the 15 dex? The +3 from DS Mastery will bring it up to 18, a nice even number, which brings me to another point. Go dark side with this build. This is critical because Insanity is the heart and soul of this combination. Plus. Shooting lighting out of your hands? Come on. That's fucking awesome. Dumbass Anakin. Joins the sith for their powers and doesn't even learn to shoot lightning.


The Consular/Assassin is just so good. You can focus strictly on force attributes/powers and still manage to produce damage similar to that of a sith marauder in up-close combat. ASSASSINO!




This is strictly opinion. If you have ideas on how to improve this build, feel free to share them. This is a build suited for my playstyle and it may not be suited for the playstyles of others. If you got offended by this post, you need to get a life. Toots.

#23 -Hansi-

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Posted 12 August 2016 - 09:00 AM

Force Crush: Gained by any dark side player, not exclusive to the Sith Lord.

As to the corruption ability a Sith Lord has, you can turn the majority of your characters 90-100% evil(even the good ones) through manipulation of your personal alignment and party influence gains even without the class. Each time a character gains influence they shift towards your alignment, just have to balance influence/light side gains with the available dark side gains to end with an evil party and your own character with full dark side mastery.

Because light side gains reduce you from pure dark side to something less evil, it's very very difficult to get a good character to turn 100% dark side but you can get them very very far into the red as long as you rebuild the main characters dark side mastery after each heavy light side shift.

The only character you cannot make evil is Kreia, but considering she becomes evil at the end regardless it's within the realm of possibility to have a visibly evil party by the end of the game. This requires you use unlimited dark side point glitches at least once(Citadel Station, and use the glitch prior to gaining alot of influence with Atton through the murder of the guy who catches you stealing, etc for maximum dark side shift with him).

My last game before I stopped playing for a bit I had managed to turn these characters 90-100% to the dark side before the end of the game, just by manipulating their alignments with my own during influence gains. Obviously the evil characters were easier to do since their influence gains are dark side already(and Bao-Dur's dark side influence gain on Nar Shaddaa which should be used to get your character back to dark side mastery and gain influence with him simultaneously instead of used while you are already showing a dark side mastery bonus), and helpful for rebuilding dark side mastery after a light side gain from other influence oppurtunities.

Atton - Becomes as pale, and creepy as the main pc.
Bao-Dur - Looks similar to Darth Maul.

That just leaves T3, and Handmaiden to be corrupted(with the focus being on corrupting Handmaiden over T3 since G0-T0 is more useful), though it was my first time making an "evil party" so I didn't really try corrupting these two but simply ignored them, and left them on the ship. T3 may ultimately be the only character you couldn't turn evil effectively in the game without harming the PC's endgame dark side mastery(and your oppurtunity to see them amongst the sith lords on the title screen).

I can easily do without the title of Sith Lord in the game, as I don't need it to corrupt my party members. _zombies__by_Stupidfryman.gif

This of course also works in reverse to make evil characters good throughout gameplay, but I have never tried and probably never will.

How about some fucking spoiler warnings ffs you prick