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DM: Tims Spells

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File Name: Tims SpellsFile Submitter: SlugFile Submitted: 21 May 2008File Updated: 27 Aug 2009File Category: MiscellaneousForum: No InformationReadme: No InformationTim's Spells v0.86 - OMOD optionalRequirements:Oblivion patch 1.2OBSE Version 0016 or above- http://obse.silverlock.org/Mods Reloaded.com - http://modsreloaded.com____________________________________Description:Adds around 50 new spells to the Elder Scrolls Oblivion Game.This mod requires the Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE) v0016.To Find Tim simply wander around one of the main towns in Cyrodil in the day time.You should eventually receive a lesser power which allows you to teleport to Tims Sanctuary.For those that are lazy, open the console and type: coc AATimPrime____________________________________IMPORTANT NOTES:This is a rebuild of the previous 0.78 release of Tims Spells, you will need to empty all of your Magic storage chests before upgrading!Any Souls you have captured should be released.Please backup your saved game before continuing.____________________________________WHATS NEW: v 0.860.86Added Clone Item and Quick Sale switches.Added some visual fx to Magic Vault/Storage spells.Spellmaking/Enchanting blocks changed to Altars.Item forge and Spell craft are cheaper.Small additions to the Sanctuary.SetWeather is instant (only works in Cyrodil).Control Orbs added.Gobbles is Stronger.Fix to UnPetrify.Empty Forest added.Quest script changes.______________________________Installation:If you use Shivering Isles, then use the Merchant_Tim.esp, otherwise use the Tim_No_SI.esp which is included in the compressed file.Place the file into your Oblivion data folder, usually;c:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\DataRun the oblivion launcher and select "Data Files", once its opened select the variation of Tim you require and click on OK.Have fun!Uninstall:The Mod does not alter any reference in the game so to uninstall simply delete the file. Before you do, make sure your Magical Storage chests are empty, otherwise you may lose everything you had stashed in there.____________________________________Conflicts:None that I know of...____________________________________Thanks to:PJ and his amazing spellsMe.v1 for Adventures SpellsSebastian C for the Lazy ScrollThe OBSE TeamThe Oblivion Modding Communityaragnoit for his assistance____________________________________*Spells Descriptions*Arcane Flood:This spell will temporarily quadruple the amount of magicka in the realm. All spellcasters will immediately be able to cast four times as many spells.Arcane Interia: (BETA)This spell will slow all magical projectiles which are cast within the spells duration. It is very useful when facing oppenents who cast spells.Arcane Velocity: This spell will double the speed of all magical projectiles for the spells duration. Note this will affect any enemy spell casters.Bind Item:Allows the player to create a number of permanent items. The Quantity rises with the casters conjuration skill.Call all Items:Calls every single item within a cell to the player, it will not retrieve any item greater than 500 in weight, books and any quest related items.Call all: Arrows:Retrieves every single arrow within a cell/wilderness. It should also work on crossbow bolts, it will return anything classed as ammo by the game. This spell should also capture projectiles in mid flight.Dispel Items:This spell will remove all enchantments from any magical item excluding potions, ingredients and soul gems. To use, place the items into any unlocked container and cast the spell. Note: the spell will not remove the enchantments on quest or scripted items.Feed Weapon:This spell will restore the magical charge of the currently equipped weapon. However it will damage the weapon by 15%.Frame Spell:Taken from PJ's Spells, this will transfer the players bounty onto the target. There are various restrictions however. Read PJ's spell descriptions for more info.HopToadAn old spell in Morrowind. Gives the player a large bonus to acrobatics for 12 seconds.Lazy Spell:Based on the Lazy Scroll created by Sebastian C. It presents a menu allowing the player to teleport to one of several of the major towns in the game.Magic Craft:This spell requires a skill of at least 50 in all spell schools, Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Illusion, Restoration and Mysticism. It allows the player to create spells as if they were using a spellmaking station. The magicka cost is very high.Magic Forge:Similar to Magic Craft this spell requires 50 in all magical spell schools. Furthermore the magicka cost is extremely high. It functions the same as if the player were using a item enchanting station.Magic Pockets:The spell currently allows you to access the inventory of any non-hostile actor. More restrictions will be added in the future. Note the target must have greater than 84 disposition toward you and they must be below level 85.Magic Storage:Originally written by Me.v1 from Adventures Spells. This spell allows the player to access a magical storage chest. No changes have been made to this spell. Access the chest where and when ever you like.Magic Storage II:Exactly the same as the Original Magic Storage and is used in conjunction with the Magic Pool and Magic Split spells.Mark:Allows the player to place one of six marker spots. When the player is ready he/she can use the Recall spell to teleport back to the previously marked spot.Note: I don't know how to display Exterior cell names, hence outside marker names don't appear.Mark II:Same as above but with an additional six markers.Quick Sale:Sells all objects inside a container, e.g chest, cupboard. The target container must be unlocked. It will NOT sell any scripted or quest related items.Petrify: (BETA)Turns the targetted actor to stone, note this will not function on creatures, ghosts. It will only work if the target is alive. You'll find the petrified individual becomes immune to all harm, this is to prevent them falling down and making the stone effect un-realistic. You can reverse the spell with Un-Petrify.Recall:Allows the player to Recall to one of six previously designated spots. No restrictions at all, use it where ever and when ever you like.Note: I don't know how to display Exterior cell names, hence outside marker names don't appear.Recall II:Same as above but with an additional six markers.Recall: Dir:Uses the players heading as a reference to teleport to one of the pre-designated marks. 0-90 = Marker 1, 91-180 = Marker 2, etc.. useful if you use a joypad and hate navigating menus. Unfortunately you can only teleport to the first four markers.Recall: Weapon:Allows the player to recall their weapon. Perfect if you've lost it in long grass.Before you can use this spell you must designate the weapon you wish to recall. Equipping any other weapon and casting it again will re-designate the new weapon and you will lose the previous reference.Once you have designated your chosen weapon, drop it on the floor and cast the spell to recover it.This spell seems to remember what you have designated after loading a saved game. All though I would appreciate any comments and further testing.Note: The designated weapon must be in the same cell/wilderness space as the player.Recall: FightersAllows the player to teleport to one of the Fighters guilds.Recall: Mages:Allows the player to teleport to one of the Mages guilds.Resurrect:Resurrects the touched corpse.Resurrect: Area:Resurrects all dead corpses within range. Note that this spell will currently resurrect hostiles.Set Time:Allows the player to Set the time to one of several pre-defined values.Set Weather:Taken from the M.O.E Staffs this spell allows the player to change the weather in his/her current cell. I've added in some extra clauses.Sleep Spell:Another spell copied from Adventures Spells. Allows the player to Sleep anywhere without requiring a bed.Summon Doppleganger:Summons an allied Doppleganger of the player. He will not cast any of Tim's spells.Summon MudCrab:Summons a powerful MudCrab to aid the player.Summon Ogre:Summons an Ogre to aid the player.Swap:Another spell from PJ's, it basically swaps the players and targets positions. I've only removed the hostile action so you can now cast it on anyone with out any repecussions.Televanni Lift:Taken fron PJ's this spell allows the player to leap to abnormal heights. Unlike the PJ variant this version reduces the jump height and restores the falling damage.Televanni Orbit: (BETA)An upgrade of Televanni Lift, it lifts the player to an extremely high height.Time: Accelerate (MOE):Accelerate time by a factor of 10.Time: ResetResets the time to the normal default found in Oblivion.Time: Slow (MOE):Slow down time by a factor of 10.Transfer: Gold:Transfers all of the players Gold into the target container. It will not work on containers which respawn. I have found that the first time you access the container the gold sometimes doesn't Immediately appear. Just re-open the container and it should be ok....Turbo:Adds a large bonus to athletics for a limited duration.Un-Petrify: (BETA)Reverses any Petrification effect on the touched actor. If you find the stone shader effect still persists cast the spell on the target again. Note: The Respawn Flag is automatically reverted back to what it was originally before Petrification occured.Wings of Kynareth:Taken from the M.O.E pack. Allows the player to Levitate. Tweaked the duration to 30 seconds. Do not cast inside. Do not attempt to enter cities whilst levitating. Use the door.____________________________________*Magical Items*Staff Of Recall:Teleports the target to any of the six markers, if the target is an enemy then it must be below level 80 and have less than 85% spell absorbtion. The Staff should still work if the target is Dead.Potion of All purpose:This potion will restore any attribute which you are low on, i.e health, magicka, fatigue/stamina.Potion of Bound:All of the Daedric Bound Spells in a potion.Scroll of Recall:Acts the same as the Recall spell, allowing the player to teleport back to one of six designated spots.Scroll of Mark:Acts the same as the Mark spell, allowing the player to designate a marked spot to teleport back to.Scroll of GhostWalk:Allows the player to temporarily become invisible and levitate for 200 seconds.Scroll of Un-Petrify: (BETA)Allows the player to reverse the effects of the Petrification spell upon a target.____________________________________Other Notes:As the mod is beta you should use the spells carefully, I wouldn't recommend using Call all items for completing quests and don't use the Staff of Recall to send people to and from Shivering Isles.Likewise Mark & Recall should not be used to transition to and forth the Shivering Isles. You should use the gate.Spells have been marked with (BETA) which I am having problems with.I'd recommend using this mod with my other release, KMod____________________________________Version History:0.78bQuick Sale will now sell everything except for scripted and quest items. No need to go back to town to sell your loot. :)0.78Three new spells added, Magic pool, Magic split and Magic storage IISome of the spells no longer will work on ghostsRenamed Tim to Tim the Enchanter0.77Petrified individuals will now have their health restored to prevent them falling downMagic Plunder now places books and scrolls into the Misc ChestMenu also re-organized, potions are now placed into their own containerSummon Ogre, Manipulate Soul and Bind Soul addedDark Soul Gem and Scroll of Un-Petrify addedAll of the Doppleganger's active spells are initially dispelledMagic Pockets/Plunder, Resurrection and the Bind soul spells have no effect on petrified individualsMagic Swag removed0.76Added Televanni Orbit, Time: Reset, Magic Forge and the Petrify SpellsThe Doppleganger now synchronises his/her weapon with the playerAdditional spells removed from the Doppleganger0.75cCorrection to Magic Plunder0.75bAdded Magic Plunder, Magic Stash and Dispel ItemsChanges to some spell costsGhostWalk is now a scrollMagic Spell renamed to Magic CraftMagic Craft now requires 50 in all spell schools0.74bRecall Dir and Magic Spell addedSome fixes made to Quick SaleCall all Items will no longer retrieve books and scrollsCreated Non-Shivering Isles versionReplaced Mark, Recall potions with scrollsTweaks to Magic Swag and Resurrect Area0.73bSwap will no longer work in the Arcane SanctuaryResurrect: Area now requires Mastery in Restoration to castUpdates to Doppleganger, also lowered the costOld spells and stuff removedPotion of Recall II added0.72bAdded, Call all Arrows, Magic Swag and Recall Fighters/Mages Guild SpellsCorrected Resurrect: AreaAdjustments to some spell costsThe Staff of Recall now displays a menu to select which marker to teleport toBind Item can now be cast at Apprentice level, the quantity has been lowered.0.71bAdded two spells Mark II and Recall II.There are now a total of 12 recall spots.0.7bRemoved two Summon spellsTweaked Mark & Recall0.6bReduced Transfer Gold DurationRemoved Brotherhood spellRemoved Oblivion gate spellFixed Call All Items and raised the costThe Doppleganger is now classed as a summonAdded further conditions to the Resurrect spells____________________________________Contact:If you have any questions or comments then please send me a message on the forum to SlugWorld.____________________________________Assistance/Feedback/UsageI welcome any assistance on the mod.If you wish to use any part of the mod in yours then go for it, just credit me in the readme :). Also send me a link to the mod, you never know, I might want to play it myself!Click here to download this file

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