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DM: CheatCode Book

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Posted 02 June 2008 - 08:40 AM

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File Name: CheatCode BookFile Submitter: LadyarafelFile Submitted: 2 Jun 2008File Updated: 28 Aug 2009File Category: MiscellaneousForum: No InformationReadme: No InformationThis mod adds a short cheatcode book to Sideways Cave. It contains some of the most useful codes for the game, such as the always helpful "godmode" as well as a few cell codes. For those who don't know what cell codes are they are areas or places like the magesguild in Skingrad or the fighters guild in Bruma or even the testinghalls(the testinghalls code is also in the book). Now for those who don't like using cheat codes you can use the cell codes because they aren't really cheat codes. The most usefull cell code (that I've found) is the tesinghalls especially if you are have a high level character who has already done all of the quests, but did them at a low level. In one of the rooms there is several crates and one has amor and another (there are at leased 10 crates in all) has weapons, inside each there are a few different leveled versions of quest items, like from the SE "shadowrend" or "dawnfang/duskfang"(they look the same but they are a higher or lower level). For those who like taking screenshots there is one cell code in there that I would recommend, I don't rember the code off-hand but it is in the book, it's a void with a pillar of flame(like in the deadric towers in oblivion) that your character is floating in, at no cost to health I might add;) P.S.This may need the Shivering Isles Patch 1.2.0416.Update: updated mesh and added glow map so the book should glow now.Click here to download this file