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Announcing Version 2.00 of Qwinn's Tweak Pack!

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Posted 07 June 2008 - 02:17 PM

Due to requests at the forums, releasing a new version of the Tweak Pack with 7 new tweaks added. In addition to the original 8 (this is snipped from the new readme):

9. Power Action Leprechaun Annah, by Black Isle

The folks at Black Isle provided this alternate wardrobe for Annah, including clover-leafs for punch daggers.

10. Easter Egg Morte

In the same spirit as Power Action Leprechaun Annah, this tweak (also by the folks at Black Isle) gives Morte new graphics and even sounds for you to enjoy your game with.

11. Explore All Areas

Unlike other "Explore" mods out there that lift the fog of war in select city areas, this mod does so in -all- areas. The fog of war feature does not play well with the very popular G3 Widescreen mod, so this should remove the oddities encountered caused by the fog of war when playing in widescreen mode. If this mod does not remove the fog of war in a given area, that's because the unmodded area script is incomplete/broken, and I'd appreciate hearing about it at the mod forum.

12. Rest Anywhere

Fairly self-explanatory. You will no longer be denied by the message "It is too dangerous to rest here." when using the Rest button.

13. Identify All Items

Also self-explanatory. Sets the lore value needed to identify every item in the game to 0.

14. Use Floating Text Font Globally

This replaces the font which is used everywhere except in floating text with the font used only for floating text. Many may consider it easier to read.

15. No Battle Music

This removes the battle music from all areas except near the end of the game. Credit to Platter for coming up with the methodology on this one.

The new version is already available for download :) Enjoy!