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DM: Nicos Kynareth Archery v1_0

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Posted 09 August 2008 - 11:30 PM

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File Name: Nicos Kynareth Archery v1_0File Submitter: nicoroshiFile Submitted: 10 Aug 2008File Category: Weapons/ArmourForum: www.bethsoft.com/bgsforums/index.php?showtopic=868158Readme: No InformationNicos Kynareth Archery v.1.0______________________________Reason for this mod:_____________________A long time ago I made a bow wrapped with vines for the W-O-R mod. Sadly it was never releasedBecause the texture artist disappeared so permissions could not be gained. :(I always envisioned a bow like this in Oblivion so I made it :)What this mod Does:_____________________This mod adds three bows to the game in different locations all guarded by really tough skeletonarchers (Player level+20, and Player HP+200) who are wielding (and protecting) the bows in the name of Kynareth.All three bow, and arrows sets use the same models but have different textures, and enchantments.Kynareth's Honor, and Lightsplinters (Maple with white rosebuds):Location:Hame ruins Fire Damage 15pt for 2 sec + Weakness to fire 15pt for 4 seconds.Kynareth's Hawthorn, and Quickthorns (Rosewood, and red rosebuds):Location:Smoke Hole CaveShock damage 15 pts for 2 seconds + Drain speed 5 pts for 4 seconds.Kynareth's Tempest, and Withervines (Blackwood, and Black rosebuds):Location: Fort DirichDamage health 15pt for 2 seconds + Drain fatigue 15pt for 4seconds.All bows have a damage value of 22 (hatred's soul is 24 for reference).Installation Instructions:___________________________Download mod to a known location.Unpack to same known location (NOT your Oblivion folder as it will not work correctly if you do that).Open the folder with teh mod name, and find the folder labeled 'Data'.Copy that 'Data' folder to your Oblivion folder (Normally located at C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion).Answer "Yes to All" to the windows prompt to overwrite files with the same name.Start Oblivion, and in your Data Directory place a checkmark next to the "Nicos Kynareth Archery.esp" (so it loads with Oblivion).Play :)Un-Installation instructions:______________________________Remove the checkmark from the .esp in your data directory.(Optional) All of the files are in Folders Labeled "Nicos Kynareth Archery" so if you chose to remove them a simple Windows Search for that file name will produce the files for this mod.Know Issues:______________None that I know of. This mod contains new models, texures, icons as well as new creature designation for the archers, and optimized scripts.I personally play with over 100 mods installed (including FCOM), and have tested it against all of them with no issues.Extras:_________In the files you'll find a folder labeled "Hints" which contains pictures of the locations of the three places that the bows are hidden.Use these or not as you see fit.Change Log:____________v1_0 Initial release.Credits:_________Big thanks to Ryana, and Axelrod for the arrow names, and to Buddah, and Ogramirad for naming the bows.Special thanks to JDFan, and everyone else who answered in my naming thread at ESF for helping me come up with great names for my creations.Permissions:_____________It is alright to re-upload this mod in it's origianl form.It is also alright to use the models, textures, and icons I created as a modder's resource so long as credit is given for my original work.Author's note:_______________I am most pleased with how these came out. :)I hope you have as much fun with them as I will.Click here to download this file