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Guide and Template: Modding Help Wanted

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Posted 08 September 2008 - 06:29 AM

Guide and template for "Modding Help Wanted" adverts

We want to summarize all SHS Classifieds in a convenient Index. The summary of your advert in this Index will link back to your post. That is where members will be able to read all the details of your request. To make it easier for us to keep the Index up to date and accurate, please set out your advert in the following way, which you may use as a template:

Posted by: Your SHS username OR the username of your modding team leader/contact person if you are posting on behalf of a team.

Date posted: We can take the date from your post, but you may insert it anyway!

Looking for: Please keep this as brief as possible – just the type of help you seek. For example: Coder; Artist; Proof-reader; etc.

Details: As much detail as you like! These details won't appear in the Index, which will link back to your post. In general it is better to provide too much detail rather than too little. Here's what you may want to include:
  • User names and modding credentials of everyone in your team... what other mods you've published (if any), how long you've been modding, your level of expertise, etc.
  • Which time zone you're in (if it matters).
  • Details of the mod you're currently working on.
  • What type of help you need – or what type of person you'd like to add to your team – so that you can complete the mod.
  • How much work any helper or new team member may be expected to deliver.
  • Deadlines for completion of any requested work.
  • Planned release date for the beta and/or the final mod.
Please tell us by post or PM when:
  • You have found the help you're looking for – we don't want the tables to show out-of-date information.
  • When your mod has been completed – for the same reason as above.
Example of a "Help Wanted" post

Posted by: HugeNostrils

Date posted: August 31, 2008

Looking for: Coder

Details: I'm a member of the "Warsaw Concerto" modding team that produced the "Deeper Watcher's Keep" mod which added two levels below the Demogorgon level. The others are FlatFoot and KnobbyKnees. We are currently completing our "Expanded Underdark" mod. Our intention is to launch it by Christmas.

The new mod includes about 30 new banters. They have all been written, but we require someone with good English skills to proof-read all of the banters and check them for punctuation, spelling, typos, etc. It's going to be a rush to get everything finished by December so we need someone who can spend several hours a week on this work for the next eight weeks.

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