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DM: [REL] Smaller Elf Ears for Ob and MW

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Posted 11 September 2008 - 12:16 PM

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File Name: [REL] Smaller Elf Ears for Ob and MW
File Submitter: Spirited Treasure
File Submitted: 11 Sep 2008
File Category: Models/Textures
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<a href="http://planetelderscrolls.gamespy.com/View...907&id=3012" target="_blank">http://planetelderscrolls.gamespy.com/View...907&id=3012</a>
JC Clyde
Spirited Treasure

Gagatek for the Morrowind ears
Westly for the nice textures that fit the Morrowind smaller elf ears

And a big thanks to Kikaimegami for the following:

New textures for different coloured rings. These textures will also work for Kafei's original resource mod. So go wild! =s=
These races:

With these metal and stone selections (the stone is in the cross earring)
platinum - emerald
silver - sapphire
copper - ruby
bronze - topaz
gold - amethyst
mythril - diamond

Ok here goes!
For my Oblivion friends:

Smaller elf ears for Oblivion.. With earrings. Savage Artistry was kind enough to share her smaller elf ears and I grabbed them and ran ! =g= You can't be all that surprised after Gagatek making me those smaller ears for Morrowind =g=
Thanks to Kafei and her wonderful resource, and a bit of diddling in Blender for me.
I've also included the smaller elf ear that does not have any earrings in the package.

I've also included conformulation files for the default head.

These are also a resource.. Don't forget the credits!!!

To my Morrowind friends:

These are the smaller elf ears that Gagatek made for me.. And since you don't need them to be one piece. They arent!

This means you are not limited to the ear I have them on.. You can use nifskope to copy and paste them onto whatever ear you want them on =s=
I have glow mapped them. That glowmap is included in the textures package.

These different colored rings textures that Kikaimegami made will also work for your ears. So go wild! =s= You need Kafei's original mod for the textures on the earrings..

You'll have to point the ears towards the textures you are using.. This can be done for you using either nifskope or niftexture. Either way will work fine.


Thanks to all the help I got with this mod. Enjoy!

do with as you wish. This is a modders resource.. Don't forget the credits! =s=

If I forgot you. Speak right up! It was not intentional.

Spirited Treasure and team

forum thread with pictures:
<a href="http://canadianice.ufrealms.net/forum2/ind...mp;topic=9680.0" target="_blank">http://canadianice.ufrealms.net/forum2/ind...mp;topic=9680.0</a>

Click here to download this file
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