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Challenge #13: The happy ending...

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Posted 03 October 2008 - 05:21 AM

Challenge #13: The happy ending...

I call it, the family of unhappy endings.
When first the father, and then the sons and daughters try to become immortal, it's well known thing, that things won't end happily for anyone. This is the fate of my family, with killers, murderers, thieves, backstabber, a giant, even a dragon and ah... a god..., in it. It was the essence of Bhaal that drove us to war, to kill and maim. But we chose the path, as we all wanted power, and we could get it from no one else.

And just on the time that I was supposed to get to face my greatest foe, my ally, the Solar that had 'helped' me, I was stopped, the portal in front of me closed, and then I felt yet again as if my soul was drained from my body and with it the Bhaal's essence. My mind had ended the burning pain I felt, as I blacked out from it. Was it a trick, an illusion, I do no know. Years later, it felt, I woke up from the nightmare, just to awake into it. Plenty of time had passed, and when I tried, I couldn't return to my pocket plain, and eventually I found out that the Solar had been defeated! But by what? Not even the gods knew, as the Bhaal's entire essence was gone, from everyone and everything in the Material Planes! Or so they said... until the Weave began to be corrupted, and then it didn't matter anymore, to anyone.

So, it wasn't in the stars for me to become a god, and in the past 80 odd years, I have learned to live with it and so much other stuff, as only an elf can, the hard way. First in the founding of Tirnature, failing on it and then exiting of the wreck it became, and then hearing of ones daughter, then the meeting of her hatred, and to realizing and adjusting to the truth, that yes, her death, it was all my fault.

And so yes, I have stopped expecting the happy ending, that would never came.

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