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Version History (v.2.2) and Download Locations

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Posted 05 October 2008 - 05:57 AM

This thread will show the current version of the mod and the changes and additions in each new version. It will also point you to the download location : LINK

- 2/1/2012 : Version 2.2
  • Added support for the Chinese version. Thanks go to a9214, yyfeng and maoliyuanjiu for adding the appropriate offsets and to Mephisto Devil Satan for testing it.
  • The movies are now stretched to full-screen. Thanks to aqrit for providing the offset.
  • Celestial gate BAM has been changed back to its original size, centered and with its black borders removed. This was done because it caused slow downs and other problems in high resolutions.
  • Updated to Weidu v2.31

-15/01/10 : Version 2.1
  • Approximately doubled the size of the dialog text area. This not only fixes a potential bug, but also greatly improves reading experience. (Thanks to taplonaplo who found an important offset)
  • Due to the above enhancement, resolutions below 800x480 will not be supported from now on.
  • Revamped the inventory window in resolutions < 1280x720 in order to bypass the tooltip flickering problem.
  • Added another font size (120% bigger).
  • Made some minor tweaks.
  • Updated to Weidu v2.13

- 28/12/09 : Version 2.0
  • Complete overhaul of the mod. It now supports all resolutions.
  • The old UI enhancements are applied whenever possible and according to each resolution.
  • New bigger fonts have been added as an optional component. The fonts are used in the Dialog/Journal windows and the floating text. Thanks go to haen.
  • Used 7-zip for compression since it has good compression capabilities and it's free.
  • Updated to Weidu v2.12

- 19/8/09 : Version 1.21
  • Fixed a wrong offset that crashed the 2CD version of PST when using the 1280x720 resolution.

- 24/5/09 : Version 1.2
  • Added 1280x720 support.
  • Centered the dialog area for easier reading and revamped the dialog box.
  • Added a fix for the cursor's screen scrolling. Thanks go to scient for finding the offset pattern and to taplonaplo for impelmenting the code.
  • Added Qwinn's tweaks that make the installation smoother, faster and without warnings.
  • Now, when you install one of the bigger fonts, the in-game flating text will also be larger.
  • The 50% bigger fonts, are now a resized version of the fonts that are used for the in-game floating text. They look much better than the previous fonts.
  • The 30% bigger fonts are improved.
  • Fixed the journal so that the PC/NPC section has the correct background.
  • Made the worldmap fullscreen (the down bar is not visible now).
  • Updated to the latest version (v2.10) of WeiDU.

- Version 1.1 : Internal

- 23/11/08 : Version 1.0
  • Added 1280x1024 support.
  • Added the option to use two new types of bigger fonts in the dialog box. Check the "Features" section for more details.
  • Changed the name of the mod from "PST Widesreen UI mod" to "GhostDog's Planescape: Torment User Interface". Last time, I promise.

- 7/11/08 : Version 0.9
  • Added 1280x768 support, since it's compatible with many LCDTV's and laptops that can't use the 1280x800 resolution.
  • Centered the "To quit the game press Alt-F4" cd-message.
  • Made the installation much more compact and fast. Now it checks automatically if Bigg's Widescreen mod is installed and in what resolution and proceeds accordingly.
  • The size of the mod is reduced dramatically due to a script that centers the journal pics. The same script places the loading bar to the correct position. (Credit goes to qwinn for the replace script, scient for the modified code and Taplonaplo for adjusting the script)
  • Resolved the tooltip flicker of the bottom UI bar in a way that doesn't involve the editing of the dialog.tlk. As a result the mod now is compatible with all language versions.
  • Fixed a wrong offset for cinematics and re-edited the 'new life' screen.
  • Renamed the mod from PST 1280x800 UI to PST Widescreen UI.

- 24/10/08 : Version 0.8b
  • This is the first version to be released. It's a fully working version. There are some minor issues left that I'll try to fix in the next versions.

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