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Sebastian job title "Bard" not "Playwright"

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#1 -Arya-

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Posted 31 October 2008 - 01:17 PM

I had the Luxleys installed on my desktop with a bunch of other mods and I had to uninstall b/c my computer kept crashing and I thought it had to do w/ BGII. So I reinstalled and was playing another game when the computer crashed. Knowing it was a problem with my computer I installed the game on my laptop instead, adding most of the mods from before but not all and when I booted up my save and fixed all the chat strings, I was unpleasantly surprised to find that Sebastian was now a bard and unable to wear his crossbow +1. So I uninstalled the game and reinstalled with a full install and patched it and added all the mods again and Sebastian was still a bard and couldn't wear magic rings now. So I uninstalled, then did a partial install and thinking the patch might be interfering with the bard script, I didn't install that and booted the game and still I had the problem. So I uninstalled again and this time I didn't install anything except for Nathaniel and the Luxleys and booted the game and now Sebastian can't use magic items of any kind and he's still a bard. So I kicked him from my party and re-invited him and the problem was still there.

His special class was working on my desktop with 22 other mods and official patches. Now he won't work correctly on my laptop even with the patch and other mods or with just one mod and no patches. Or with full installs or partials.

Is there someway I can fix this? Because not being able to wear magical items is a pain but Sebastian not having his right class is even more annoying =(