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DM: throttle kitty's Accompt Of The Delitescent with pants and dif

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Posted 04 November 2008 - 10:20 AM

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File Name: throttle kitty's Accompt Of The Delitescent with pants and different boots for Exnem HGEC and Robert's male!File Submitter: Spirited TreasureFile Submitted: 4 Nov 2008File Category: Weapons/ArmourForum: No InformationReadme: No Informationthrottle kitty's Accompt Of The Delitescent with pants and different boots for UFF , Exnem HGEC and Robert's male!=========================================================YOU STILL NEED HIS MOD FOR THIS TO WORK!!! If you have already got his mod installed then just change the name of my esp's to match his and drop them in. This should be fine.YOu also need the icon's addon.========================================================I've included a couple of packages. if you use the tk_Robert this is what you will get : Robert's male pants, and different boots , along with UFF pants and different boots.Icons for everything. If you only want the male version and to keep the default female version that throttle kitty originally created then do this:Go into the extra's folder and get the one named "male only" drop that in along with this esp and you're good..Reason being. I did not change the names of his stuff.. So that you should be able to just drop in the male stuff and be done, while keeping the original mod in tact.*******NOTE************This is assuming you are using the menu icons that were created. If you're not then you will need those too.. *************For Exnem HGEC , I did change the dress to have the hand part, along with nails. so that the gap is hidden between Exnem's default hands and the dresses's smaller wrist bits. So the dress will use upper, lower, and hand.Ok next I made a version for Exnem HGEC.. This esp also includes the Robert's male version as well. With pants and different boots for both males and females.Also I have included a blue retexture I did of throttle kitty's dress, as well as an optional hood which has been moved a bit and resized to show a bit more of the player's eyes. As well I have included optional matching hood colours. Those are in the extras folder also.I could not have done this without the help of the following people:CREDITSthrottlekittyKaliaChingarikalikutAlienSlof KikaimegamiJCclyde SickleYieldRobertRAIAR and ExnemThe UFF teamSinbloodSpirited TreasureIf I have forgotten you, speak right up! It was not intentional. Permissions: Refer to throttlekitty and also the rest of those who's bits I used! No permissions from me until they all say so first! Spirited TreasureNOTE Even though the image does not show it, The HGEC version does have the arm pieces.Click here to download this file
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