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Bugs with Xavier, sword and plot

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#1 -Arya-

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Posted 14 November 2008 - 10:20 PM

Me again. No replies to the bard message and that is fine. I'm dealing with the bard thing. Not like it really affects the game too much. I just have to remember not to have him auto attack. Little bard in melee is not as good as range would be.

But anyway, has anyone else had a problem with the quests?

I mean, the team was whisked away to go to the mansion and I was mean to Xavier. Who wouldn't be? The guy is a meanie. And then everyone left and we were happy and jolly until we had to find the book and sword for the girl. The book wasn't a problem but the sword was a goner, I think b/c I had been to all the places in the graveyard before hand. So I used the console to summon the old sword and waited a week or so and went back to check on things and Sebastian whisks us away to meet Xavier who still won't talk to me. At all. All he says is go away or whatever it is. Which of course means I am not stuck in the place with no options of any kind. So I puzzle this over for a few days in real life and finally load up a backup and tell the cousins they'll have to go to the place alone. After all, doing it any other way causes me to get stuck there and talking to the other residents doesn't help and killing Xavier causes the screen to shake and that's it.
So 24 hours later the party gets the message to go to the Mithrest Inn and we get the cousins back and everything is jolly until almost chapter 7 when I realize.... What happened to the rest of the plot? Am I missing something? There have been no future summons. Sebastian has his second book as well as the first since Xavier took it but didn't. And the romance with Sebastian, if there is one, seems to be on hold. I waited a long time b/f going to Spellhold, 36 days and 10 hours to be exact, but the interactions between the cousins had dried up and I never got the obvious dialog talk mentioned vaguely in another post. Don't know what it is but it should be obvious where the romance can go supposedly.
Anyway, I started a new game and I'm going to try being nice, but I just thought someone should be aware of this bug. Don't be mean to Xavier. It gets you no where. No matter how tempting. ::sigh::

I'd have liked to email this since it sounds so silly but I couldn't find the email address anywhere so I apolpgize for posting it on the forum.