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aTweaks v4.50 released

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Posted 28 December 2008 - 09:13 AM


This mod represents a compilation of PnP related tweaks and various house rules which are designed to bring more consistency to the gameplay. It works on normal Baldur's Gate II games as well as either of the two Baldur's Gate conversion projects: (Easy)Tutu and Baldur's Gate Trilogy (BGT). In summary, aTweaks can bring several classes, races, spells, items and creatures closer to their PnP counterparts, add more consistency to the gameplay by making sensible rule adjustments and eliminating exploits, and make it easier to distinguish between creatures with similar avatars through the use of recoloring techniques. The mod is divided into multiple components all of which can be installed separately and are completely independent of each other. More detailed descriptions of all components can be found in the readme.

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This topic is reserved for announcing the new releases. If you'd like to discuss the latest release, please use the respective comments thread.

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Posted 13 January 2016 - 10:24 AM

Version 4.50 has been released. This is mostly a maintenance release, but includes the notable addition of being compatible with the Enhanced Edition Trilogy (EET).

  • Fix incompatibility between Scribe Scrolls and the Dimension Door spell from Tutu and d0Tweaks.
  • All undead have a morale value, to prevent problems on certain engines.
  • Add compatibility with EET. Thanks, K4thos.
  • Scripts for summoned undead are assigned differently, in order to preclude problems arising from unintended script orders.

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