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Known Issues 3.02 (report bugs here)

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#361 -Guest-

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Posted 10 January 2010 - 11:13 AM

Yeah, it works similarly (except that BG can have a larger total than the PST limit you found). I was testing him with my own code (and extra code to detect the exact moment the variable changed), though, and generally, things weren't behaving exactly like I would expect (this was several months ago now, so I don't remember all the specifics, but I know there were several times I was near shouting "Hurry up and See() me already!" It could just be something as simple as PST actually paying attention to the direction everyone is facing (in BGs, it doesn't really matter).

After 4.0 is released, I'll be going back in for another pass, so I can relay any oddities or bugs better than working off memory.

As for the fix, go for it. I managed to break the thugs several times before the Internal() check and not once afterward, so it should be effective in keeping this from ever occurring here.

#362 -N0name-

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Posted 11 January 2010 - 11:54 AM

Hi, it's me again, the I-have-bugs-because-of-my-old-savegame guy.
I've forgot to mention two minor graphical glitches in my previous post, so here are they:

1.: inside the Modron Cube, the cog-wheels in the middle of the walls are displayed with a 3-4 sec delay

2.: spellcast animations sometimes stuck in the The Civic Festhall. demonstration vid:
If I talk to the Mage-in-Training repeatedly, new animation starts, while the old remains too. multiple swirling vid:

#363 Qwinn

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Posted 11 January 2010 - 12:18 PM

: inside the Modron Cube, the cog-wheels in the middle of the walls are displayed with a 3-4 sec delay

I don't think it's a delay. I think you have to be at the right angle to see them. From several angles, you can't. I don't think there's anything that can be done about that.

Well, let me see. If I can do some sort of "Explore All Areas" just for the maze, I actually may well do that in the Fixpack, because you're right, the display issues in there are really obnoxious and there's no reason for them given how small those rooms are.

And as for the stuck spell animations in the Festhall, yes, I've noticed it too, extra obnoxious cause it prevents saving your game there when it happens. I took a look, and I'm really not sure what's causing it. It doesn't -look- like a scripting issue. Might be an engine bug. Will investigate.


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#364 Qwinn

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Posted 11 January 2010 - 01:20 PM

Okay, yes, I'm exploring the maze. It's a much less annoying experience now. The door gears are still somewhat grayed out unless you're at the right angle to see them full on, but it's no longer difficult to distinguish an open door from a closed one, nor do you have to walk someone back and forth just to reveal that one single block of fog of war keeping the entire door from showing up. Much, much better.


#365 -mireShume-

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Posted 06 August 2011 - 09:12 AM

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