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Okay I played through with Ninde a 2nd time

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#1 agnar

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Posted 25 January 2009 - 03:51 PM

with ver. 1.1 this time. It did work better, but still had some issues. First i want to make clear, i loved the way it's written to play out, great character and great dialogue. And i love the whole story arc through SOA, now that i was able to see all the lovetalks and ending and so on.

I will say though, that i had to force the lovetalks to happen after #24 i think it was. Now, i cannot be sure if it was actually hung up or if it needed certain events or whatever. i suppose to some degree i got a bit impatient with the timing, despite leaving my game running and having a banter accelerator installed, it seemed like talks were still coming too slowly to play out on their own. Like i somehow missed her second underdark only talk, it only happened when i forced it to happen while sitting in dearnise keep.

And i was unclear, does her quest/encounter only happen after killing bodhi and getting the lanthorn or is there some other triggering event?

i never got her apology talk after the bodhi rescue, though it looked like she was trying to talk, and for a time after the rescue, my pc couldn't initiate any sort of talk with her, not even the "Ninde has nothing to say" line, my pc just wouldn't go talk to her for some reason. That cleared up though when i forced the lovetalks to move forward.

And i was unclear on when the sex lovetalk should happen, because it happened twice. Once before entering the elf city when i admittedly was forcing the talks to happen so i could go ahead and finish the game. Then it happened again right in the middle of the endgame scenario. Elleseme made the offer of uh, you know, and we took her up on it. She did the deed, we stood up, then Ninde is wanting to sex me up. Go through that, the rest, the unpleasant morning after. Then i initiate a talk to ninde and her reaction to elliseme's offer and so on occurs as it should. Not clear why the final lovetalk/sex scene happened again just at that point.

And it'd be great if, eventually, you got her ankh to stop leaving her level-drained anytime i load a saved game. i had to console in a bunch of restore scrolls just for fixing her anytime i reloaded. haha :)

i can give a complete list of mods installed if you want and the log, wasnt sure if you needed all that stuff or not. i will say i was also running Xulaye, but i'll get into that experience over on that forum. :)

Thanks for all the hard work up until now, it's already better and more interesting, than quite a few other mods that have been out a loooong time. :)

#2 Kaeloree


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Posted 25 January 2009 - 06:56 PM

Thanks, agnar, it's much appreciated!

Lovetalk 13 (LT 25) only occurs in the Underdark, which is probably why it wasn't triggering. The next version will make it independent from the other lovetalks, so it will occur regardless of where in the romance you are when you're in the Underdark. That will solve the issue of the romance stopping if the player's already beyond the underdark.

The encounter happens after lovetalk 15 (LT = 29), which isn't actually Underdark dependent--but you either have to be in the Underdark, or rest at night. You must have encountered Drizzt, as well.

I'll check out the post-kidnapping talk again and see if there's anything I can improve on with it to ensure it works in future versions.

The sex lovetalk is the very last one, lovetalk 17 (LT = 35), and occurs when resting after you've killed Bodhi. The problem could well have happened because you were forcing the talks, but I'd prefer to err on the side of caution with that... I'll run through some extra testing with it and see if I can't improve the scripting to ensure that doesn't happen.

GeN1e has kindly provided a fixed fixed version, so the next version will work. :) You can currently download it here.

Thank you so much for the report, I'll see what I can do to fix the issues you pointed out!