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DM: Hel Bornes Morrowind Style Chitin Armor-Weapons

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Posted 11 February 2009 - 03:58 PM

File Name: Hel Bornes Morrowind Style Chitin Armor-WeaponsFile Submitter: Hel BorneFile Submitted: 11 Feb 2009File Updated: 16 Dec 2009File Category: Weapons/ArmourForum: No InformationReadme: No InformationHel Borne's Chitin Armor and Weapons for OB: OblivionA modification for TESIV Oblivion Version [1.2]This mod adds an entirely new set of armor (male and female), (7) new weapons, and (3) shields/defensive items based on the designs for 'Chitin Armor' in the Bethesda game Morrowind. No resources from Morrowind were used in the creation of this mod.Update:Added Chitin Armor 'ground mesh' and corrected texture path issue for female Chitin armor.If you have already downloaded v1.1 use Patch 1.1p1Compatibility:Fully compatible with all mods as-is.Credits:Hel Borne - Mesh and texturesExnem - Female base body modelRobert - Male base body modelBethesda - Collision dataRyu Doppler - Scarf mesh from Krimsyn Kane's "Scarves!" modSpecial thanks to Nicoroshi, JDFan, Saiden Storm, and Throttle Kitty for assistance with getting my 1st bow morph to operate.Installation:Expand the archive file into your Oblivion\ folder and allow to overwrite folders when prompted. Game Play:Chitin items are available for sale at Borba's in Cheydinhal. All item stats compare to Elven and all items are unenchanted. Both the male and female suits of armor are full body like the DB armor but the pauldrons can be equipped separately. Pauldrons use the tail slot. The helm and alternate hooded helm are available for both male and female.In Borba's there is a standing static display of all the items. This display is a container but the items visible ingame are not lootable. They are just for store decoration.Chitin spear is a one-handed blunt weapon. I recommend using Skycaptains's 'Spears of Cyrodiil' mod for use with this item. Available here: http://www.tesnexus....le.php?id=12611Issues:It is understood that not having the suit split into traditional cuirass, greaves, gauntlets, and boots reduces the number of enchantable items. Since the pauldrons are separate this does still permit 2/4 enchantments. My design does not support mixing with other armors but does make the suit compatible with all body mods.Standing static display is a rather highpoly NIF as it contains all models in-and-of itself. I have not noticed any performance difference while viewing this item.Please address any issues on the Bethesda forums http://www.bethsoft.com/bgsforums. Re-use:This mod may be altered or redistributed without permission of the author. Please provide credit where used.Click here to download this file