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DM: Hel Bornes Morrowind Style Dwemer Weapons

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Posted 11 February 2009 - 04:24 PM

File Name: Hel Bornes Morrowind Style Dwemer WeaponsFile Submitter: Hel BorneFile Submitted: 11 Feb 2009File Updated: 16 Dec 2009File Category: Weapons/ArmourForum: No InformationReadme: No InformationHel Borne's Legacy (Morrowind style) Dwemer Weapons: OblivionA modification for TES IV Oblivion Version [1.1]This mod adds nine new weapons and two shields to the game. They are re-creations of the Morrowind Dwemer items newly modelled and textured for TES IV.Update:Fixed missing vender chest NIF.Compatibility:Fully compatible with all mods.Credits:Hel Borne - Meshes and texturesInstallation:Expand the archive file into your Oblivion\ folder and allow to overwrite folders when prompted. Launch Oblivion and select Data Files. Check the included *.esp and start game. Game Play:Legacy Dwemer weapons and shields are for sale at 'Fire and Steel' in Chorrol. Weapons are not leveled, unenchanted, and rated identical to stock OB 'Dwarven' items where possible. I recommend 'Spears of Cyrodiil' by SkyCaptain http://www.bethsoft....howtopic=741314 when using the spear,longspear, and/or halberd.Issues:None noted. Please address any issues on the Bethesda forums http://www.bethsoft.com/bgsforums. Re-use:Original content may be altered or redistributed without permission of the author. Please provide credit where used.Click here to download this file