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DM: HB Free Mesh Resources

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Posted 23 February 2009 - 04:02 PM

File Name: HB Free Mesh Resources
File Submitter: Hel Borne
File Submitted: 23 Feb 2009
File Category: Models/Textures
Forum: No Information
Readme: No Information

Hel Borne's Free Mesh Resources: Oblivion
A modification for TESIV Oblivion
Version [1.0]

This archive contains the last of my unfinished works. I'm leaving the OB community and thought I would provide these as unfinished resources. Some are near complete but all require modelling/texturing skills to be made game ready.




building03.nif - Gothic style building exterior
church01s.nif - Gothic style bell tower exterior/interior
daedricspear01.nif - recreation of the MW Daedric spear
daedricwarhammer01.nif - recreation of the MW Daedric warhammer
dwammoquiver - ammunition/quiver mesh for Dwemer Piston gun (should work)
dwemerpistongun01.nif - bow type weapon (morph should work ingame)
guild01.nif - Gothic style building exterior (50% of this is from a free model resource, author unknown)
hammerfellbuckler01.nif - small round shield
hbargzombiehead01.nif - Argonian zombie head
hborcguttedtorso01.nif - gutted zombie torso and Orc zombie head
ironspear01.nif - recreation of the MW iron spear
mandarinhair01.nif - Mandarin style hair, eyebrows, and beard meshes
manjisai01.nif - martial arts weapon
manjisai02.nif - martial arts weapon (offhand)
mercyspear01.nif - recreation of the MW Spear of Mercy
mwspear01.nif - recreation of another MW spear
nakedlich.nif - Lich mesh stripped down with cranium and ears added
scrouge02.nif - recreation of the MW Scrourge (Daedric) mace
silverspear01.nif - recreation of MW silver spear
steelhighdomebuckler01.nif - small round shield
watchmanhelm01m.nif - recreation of the MW Redoran Watchman Helm (rigged)
zchitinarmor01m.nif - rework of my MW style Chitin armor (male). Meshes are separated and ready to rig. Requires new textures due to mesh changes
zhbargzombietail01.nif - a tail mesh for an Argonian zombie
zzhumzombie06.nif - alternate human zombie head


Not applicable.


Hel Borne - Meshes

Installation and use:

Expand the archive file into a temp folder. All meshes are in NIF format but each are in different states of completion.

Game Play:

Not applicable.


None. I can not provide support for these items. They are simply meshes to be used as need by interested modders. I hope some find a home.


This is a modder's resource and may be altered or redistributed without permission of the author. Provide credit for the meshes where used (if you so choose).

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