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The Chloe FAQ/Readme

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Posted 08 August 2003 - 04:42 PM

The Chloe Readme and Faq. Contains minor spoilers. Version history at bottom.

Q. How big is the download for Chloe?
A. 6 megs

Q. Will it work on my computer? I only have Shadows of Amn.
A. Yes

Q. I also have *insert mod name(s) here* installed, will it still work?
A. If it's a WeiDU mod and works with other romance mods such as Kelsey and Tashia, then most likely.

Q. Is Chloe Macintosh compatible?
A. Yes, install using the same method as you would install other WeiDU mods to Macs.

Q. I found a bug! What do I do?
A. Get some bugspray... Ok, bad joke. Make sure you have the latest patch of Chloe. Run her self-fix script if you've reinstalled or installed anything else, whatever. Doesn't hurt to try (force-talk her and tell her she looks strange). If the bug is still present, check the Chloe forums at FWStudios and see if it has been addressed already. If not, then report it and we'll look into it.

Q. Installation/Uninstallation instructions
A. Same as any other WeiDU mod. Download the mod, unpack it to the BGII directory with Winrar, and run Setup-Chloe.exe, follow the instructions. To uninstall, run Setup-Chloe.exe again and choose Uninstall.

Q. Who can romance Chloe?
A. Female humans, elves, and half-elves. Or Imoen.

Q. Who should I have in my party with Chloe?
A. Anyone you want. After you rescue Imoen, though, I highly suggest you make room for her if you want to be anything more than friends with Chloe, or you want Imoen to be more than friends with her. They must both be in the party to successfully romance Chloe, no exceptions. Really. Beyond that, it's your choice. Chloe talks to all NPCs at least twice, and up to four times (not counting lovetalks with Imoen of course.)

Q. What's the deal with Chloe's weapons?
A. Chloe will join the group with her own scimitar and short sword that no one else can use. You can give her other weapons to use, but her own weapons will likely always be the best ones she can use at that point in the game. Her scimitar she received from her mother Akadia (Akadi) and gives various immunities and defensive spell effects. Her short sword she received from Lathandar (Lathander) and it is attuned with the fire element and has various offensive spell abilities. At two points throughout the game (that includes the future ToB portion of the mod) her weapons will be upgraded automatically (no quest needed). Beyond that, find out for yourself!

Q. Did Chloe have a girlfriend before she met up with the PC and Imoen? What happened to her?
A. Yes, she had several girlfriends. She'll even tell you a little about one or two of them in game.

Q. When Chloe is romancing Imoen, will there be any conflicts with Kelsey?
A. Not at this time. In fact, no dialogues are written for any other Add-On NPCs at this time. In the future, perhaps. They can be a bit tricky though... I've been considering what Chloe and Kelsey would talk about for two years now and still haven't thought of anything worthwhile. I imagine though, that if J Compton really feels like writing interjections on Kelsey's part into Chloe's lovetalks, he shall do so and I will have no problems with him doing that. Though, he's a busy fellow it seems, and I'm not exactly swimming in extra time either.

Q. Does most of that romance occur in SoA, or ToB, or equally in both akin to normal romances?
A. It's like the in-game Bioware romances. There are a number of dialogues that will occur in SoA only. And in the future the ToB portion of the romance will be completed and the romance will then be able to reach a conclusion.

Q. How about some minor spoilers like Chloe's starting location, where she'll going if dropped from the party and whether she'll even rejoin if dropped?
A. Well if you've read Chloe's Introductory Story, you know where you meet her. But since you asked, it will be in the Air Pocket-Plane in Irenicus' Dungeon. If you ever kick her out, she'll likely go to the Den of Seven Vales in Waukeen's Promenade, unless she tells you differently. And she will not always rejoin... it depends on why she left in the first place.

Q. Any chance you'd be able to get her Dungeon Be-Gone?
A. Not at this time. I don't know anything about that mod since I've never used it. I would prefer at least the first time you play Chloe you go through the entire dungeon so you can see Chloe's comments and a special dialogue that only occurs here. After you've seen those, if the creaters of DBG have included a stop for Chloe, then feel free to use it if you really want to. I, however, will not be involved in that project except perhaps to answer a question or two (though anything too technical you'd likely want to ask Sheredane instead.)

Q. But if you don't use Dungeon Be-Gone, you have to do half of Chateau Irenicus just to get to her!
A. What's your point?

Q. That starting dungeon is bloody annoying!
A. Waah. ;-)

Q. If you don't pick up Chloe in the Air Pocket Plane in chapter 1, can you still get Chloe?
A. Nope. She gets trapped in there when all that rubble falls. You mean person you! That or she goes off on some other mercenary jaunt, whatever suits your conscience.

Q. I also remembered reading that Chloe won't be allowed to dual class. Is this still true? Her stats just scream for a Thief dual.
A. Consider... you're raised by a tribe that glorifies warfare and the way of the Kensai (as they founded the style). You were born and bred to be a warrior. You fully intend to die with a sword in your hand and dozens of your enemies corpses lying around you. Do you want to give all that up so you can learn how to pick someone's pocket? Well, maybe you do, but Chloe doesn't. She'd rather die than become something other than a pure warrior. So sorry, no she's not dualable, despite any stats yelling at you.

Q. What are Chloe's starting weapon proficiencies?
A. They're pretty evenly distributed between Scimitar, Short Sword, and Two Weapon Fighting Style.

Q. Any special abilities (due to her bloodlines perhaps) if any?
A. Yes

Q. Are there any extra quests if I have Chloe in my party?
A. Yes, there's one big added quest and there will be at least one or two more in the ToB segment

Q. Where can I find the quest?
A. Re-read the Chloe Introduction Fiction posted on the forum. That will give you a clue. I imagine most players will run into it anyway, though. It's not exactly hidden.

Q. Ok, I found the quest. Are there any lasting consequences to the decision I made? (Decision omitted so there's no spoiler)
A. Yes. It also depends on a random factor... the consequences, good and/or bad, will be more apparent in the ToB portion when it comes out however. You may not even notice in SoA, unless you happen to look.

Q. Is Chloe a better fighter than Minsc, Korgan, the fighter PC, etc?
A. Hmm... potentially. But she can also die rather quickly, despite her high dexterity, so it's really for you to decide. Give Korgan a good axe and armor and he could probably kill Chloe if they fought at least 3 out of 5 times. But Chloe has some special abilities that can give her an edge in combat... I suggest you use them when needed.

Q. Does Bodhi abduct Chloe during the Ch. 6 battle like she normally does with love interests?
A. Eh... wait and find out. I think it might be too spoilerish if I told you.

Q. Is Chloe voiced?
A. Yeah, kind of. Wynne, who did the voice, kind of disappeared like a year ago. So only about half the dialogues that I wanted voiced actually got voiced. I tried recruiting a new voice actress, Tassica, but she disappeared as well without ever sending me anything. I think Chloe has them stashed in a basement somewhere, to be honest... So unless a new voice actress decides to try her voice at Chloe (and is willing to risk possibly getting locked up next to Wynne and Tassica), then the voicing that is done so far will have to suffice. Which will also mean the ToB portion will be unvoiced... :-(

Q. Why don't you just do the voicing yourself then? You're a girl, aren't you?!
A. Several reasons. 1) The mic port on my soundcard doesn't even work. Which is funny because I always told people that because I was too lazy to unpack the mic... but it turned out to be true when I DID unpack it. 2) My voice is all wrong, and I mean ALL wrong for Chloe. My voice is about the complete opposite of what Chloe should sound like, unfortunately. It'd be a hell of a lot simpler if that wasn't true. 3) I would prefer someone else did the voicing... someone more appropriate and voice-talented. Singing I can do... voice acting I cannot.

Q. How long has Chloe been in the works?
A. Hmm... since about Auguest of 2001. She was created when I made the observation on Tashia's old forum that there were several new hetero romances, a bi-male romance, but no lesbian romance options (unless you consider tricking the game into believing your female character is a male.) The next day, Chloe was started. And it's been a long hard road since.

Q. I am a big fan of Mirrabbo's Imoen romance mod..what happens if you have that installed?
A. I believe at this time, romancing one means you can't romance the other. Lord Mirrabbo and Sheredane are friends, however, so perhaps they will figure something mutually beneficial out. If they want to. If not... hey, Imoen is a loving girl... she's got a lot of love to give. Haha

Q. Is there a flirt option for Chloe?
A. Yes. Romance mods coming out nowadays really shouldn't be without them, in my opinion.

Q. After which lovetalk can you flirt with Chloe?
A. The first actual lovetalk, which takes place after all the "friendly" dialogues.

Q. What other Force-talk options are there, other than flirts?
A. A short while after each Getting To Know You (GTKU) dialogue, a random question will be available to ask Chloe. There is also a Self-Fix script, and if you've pissed Chloe off, you can apologize.

Q. Is the romance complicated or simple? Like, will I be able to romance Chloe as long as I don't brush her off, like the Bioware romances?
A. Probably not, unless you're lucky. Chloe will only romance a PC that interests her, and the dialogue choice to increase her interest might not always be apparent.

Q. What about after the actual romance starts? Will the romance be affected by my dialogue choices in a way other than just continuing the romance or ending it?
A. Yes, though the difference will be more apparent once the ToB portion is created and released. How you romance Chloe will have a very big impact on the latter stage of the romance. Chloe is a complicated girl, and she won't love you until her last day just because you don't tell her to shut up.

Q. What about the Chloe and Imoen romance? How will that happen?
A. If the PC is male or not interested in a romance or Chloe is not interested in a romance with the PC and Imoen is in the party, she will romance Imoen.

Q. Can I keep them apart if I don't want them to be in a romance?
A. Short of kicking one or both of them out of the party, no. You can try, but Imoen might not appreciate your methods. Realistically, very few siblings listen to each other when they are told not to date someone. If there is enough demand for it, we could add an option where you tell them not to have their romance discussions near you... but they'd still be in a relationship, just not in your face.

Q. But I don't think Imoen is gay!
A. Neither do I. I personally feel Imoen's personality is most obviously bisexual, and I feel she's fairly loyal and doesn't let a little thing like gender decide who her heart belongs to. It's fine if you disagree. But I would remove the PC-Chloe romance before I removed the Chloe-Imoen romance. ;-) And I don't plan on removing either.

Q. Will Chloe have non-romantic banters with Imoen?
A. Of course.

Q. Does Chloe talk much with the other party-members?
A. Yes. Some more than others, but she has at least 2 banters with every npc (though technically one of her banters with Cernd isn't a banter...)

Q. Does Chloe come into conflict with any of the other party-members?
A. A few... though in all but one of these conflicts you can basically tell them to cool it.

Q. Does Chloe have Tree of Life and Hell dialogues?
A. Of course. And the Tree of Life dialogue is highly dependant on choices you've made in game... in fact, in some cases she may leave the party and not risk her neck to save yours...

Q. Like what?
A. Play and find out.

Q. About the questions for Chloe... can any more be added?
A. Yes. Submit the question and there's a fair chance it'll be added. Though I would find it a bit sad that the question wouldn't have been asked in the entire year that the thread where questions can be submitted has been in existance...

Q. Who all has been involved in the Chloe Romance Project?
A. On the team are and have been: Rachel, Pace675x, and Sheredane as coders (as well as myself). And amongst beta-testers and creative contributers have been: Dashael, MBR-Psi-Cow, Gorrister/Sir Loin of Beef, Midnyte, Anouri, Neminus, in basically that order. Voice talents and partial creative contributors have been Wynne and Tassica... though Tassica disappeared before actually sending me anything. Which is sad, I had hoped she would at least do Akadia's voice-overs.

Q. Does Chloe have a class-specific dialogue with every class, i.e. mage, cleric, bard, etc?
A. For the most part, yes. Similar classes will have the same opening topic but may have different choices based on their specific class. Like, both a mage and sorcerer will be asked the same question, but they each will have responses more suited to their class. But a rogue will be asked something entirely different.

Q. What about Multi-class characters?
A. Yes, they have their own version of the class dialogue.

Q. A cut-scene froze because I paused the game right when the cut-scene was starting!
A. Don't try to pause right before, or directly after a cutscene. The game engine gets tripped up. This is more a game engine thing then a Chloe Romance thing.

Q. Chloe (or Tashia) were renamed to something else! And Kelsey too!
A. Force-talk the girls and tell them they look funny. That'll fix them right up. As for Kelsey, you select him and hit the K key and that's his method of fixing him right up. Any other Kelsey issues can be taken up with JCompton at the Kelsey forum.

Q. What are the songs you used for Chloe's various theme musics?
A. The GTKU theme is The Mediaeval Baebes "Volta" which is available on their Worldes Blysse album. The PC-Chloe romance theme is Loreena McKennitt's "La Serenissima" which is available on her Book of Secrets album. The Chloe-Imoen romance theme is "Close your Eyes (Buffy and Angel's Lovetheme)" available on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV show soundtrack.

Q. I have more questions than this!
A. Ask them on the forum. They might also be added to the FAQ.

Version 1.1 Fixes:

- Fixed Imoen's first banter which should only occur if the PC and Chloe are romantic

- Fixed problems with the weapons including incorrect damage, image, and non-working spell effects.

- Fixed some instances of <CHANRAME> instead of <CHARNAME>

- Fixed a few dialogue errors where the PC says such things as "I wish I were just the son of a blacksmith or
something" and "I miss all those father-son moments with Bhall..." regardless of PC's gender

- Fixed the bug where forcetalking Viconia after the last banter would result in a repeat of dialogue.

- Added a line in the Renal talk so that if Yoshimo was invisible or dead the dialogue would proceed as intended.

- Fixed a switched dialogue GOTO situation in the Chloe-Imoen lovetalks.

- Fixed a number of occurances where a check was being made for ChloeRomanceActive instead of ChloeRomanceActiveCR.

- Fixed an instance in a Chloe-Imoen lovetalk where Aerie is supposed to make a comment but stalls out the dialogue if she is not in the party.

- Updated Chloe to newest version of WeiDU *Currently v.134

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Posted 05 September 2003 - 11:24 PM

FAQ updated and also includes version history

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