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Wanted: Coders/Writers for Mekrath Romance NPC

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#21 Nirvana

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Posted 30 September 2003 - 01:20 PM

hey :) i really like the sound of this mod ... even if this bad guy hurt my dear haer <_< ... ahem ... where was i ? if you need to look for another pic for you portrait you should take a look at epilouge . there are so many gifted artist i think you can find something to your liking :)

my best wishes for this mod, though i wish i could do more but i cant mod nor write properly :P


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#22 Galactygon


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Posted 06 November 2003 - 04:59 PM

Oh my, a month has passed and this project was abandoned.

*wonders how many (NPC) mods will meet this fate*

A pity. A mod is best a released mod.
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#23 Shfelliot

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Posted 05 February 2004 - 11:49 PM

Woo! I'm totally not dead; it's just been ages since I've been able to come back to this forum.

Progress admittedly was halted by the fact I sort of forgot to bring my BG: ToB cd back to campus, so I had to order another through ebay. o_O But, I have been tampering with a lil' code. The Mekrath project is, as I'm happy to say, still alive and well. Wocky, I totally haven't forgotten you, mass apologies; I'm sure I'll see you on AIM sometime. I'd still love your input.

The good news is I've had a lot of time to flesh his character out and do a little more Forgotten Realms research, and learned I might be more capable of putting this NPC together than I thought. If I'm solo on this coding, so be it. Of course, if people still want to contribute ideas storywise, I'm always up for suggestions.

For fun, I give you a banter of Mekkie-Korgan:

Korgan: I'll bet ye thinks ye are preeetty high and mighty, wrapped up in those dreary robes and keeping to ye'self. Aye, I know yer type. Ye prance around in your filthy lair pretendin' to be some dark, tortured soul, but we all know ye're probably some rich mama's boy who knows a couple of magic tricks rebellin' against yer folks 'cause ye can't go out past dusk. Why don't ye go home to suck on yer mommy's teets, magey-boy?

Mekrath: ...

Korgan: Ye'd best look at me when I'm talkin' to ye, lad, or else ye might find the end of me axe lodged in yer spine. Accidents happen.

Mekrath: You have no interest to me, insect. You're far too small and far too brawny to ever have the intellectual capacity for my genius.

Korgan: Dishonorin' me race and me skill! Ye've got some balls on ye, but not soon as I carve through them into ye belly! NOW YE DI...

Mekrath: I know where a secret Drow cache of diamonds is.

Korgan: ...AYE! Mekrath, me old comrade! Let us forge ahead in a bloody conquest of the Underdark, together!

Mekrath: <aside to <CHARNAME>> Let this be a lesson to you. Even though I could have disintegrated him, I decided to use reverse psychology. Control doesn't necessarily require casting a spell over someone.

Korgan: I can still hear ye!

Mekrath: DAMMIT!

#24 Athena


    Tiny Terror/Lady Arien

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Posted 06 February 2004 - 09:37 PM

:D This sounds like a fun mod. Good luck!
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#25 khay


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Posted 13 February 2004 - 05:39 PM

First of all, shortly put, the idea is awesome. Both characters are, in fact.

Secondly, you, my friend, are truly gifted with the art of words, for which I must congratulate you. Unfortunately I have stopped doing any customization related to the Infinity Engine since 3-4 years now due to an accident which made me temporarily lose (among other things) interest in PC games, otherwise I would have offered a hand without giving a second thought!

I`m all yours if it comes to testing, though. B)

#26 Galactygon


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Posted 14 February 2004 - 02:36 PM

Aye, it is certainly good to see this project being worked on as in fact (truly) this is one of the few NPC mods I actually look forward to. Now I am a rather picky person (particularily when it comes to NPC mods).
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#27 Shfelliot

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Posted 17 February 2004 - 04:06 PM

Okay, I've finally written all four ToB endings out. Currently, there is a standard, nonromance ending, a Good Romance ending, an Evil Romance ending, and a special ending with a character whom I shall not name at present time if he or she is in your party when you reach the end of the game and you haven't romanced Mekrath (now how you would pass up some wonderful sewer mage lovin' is beyond me).

I also have the basics:

Posted Image
(from NiGHTMARE)

Name: Mekrath
Race: Human (Presumably)
Class: Wizard
Alignment: Lawful Evil

STR: 10
CON: 12
DEX: 10
WIS: 15
INT: 18
CHA: 7 <--

(The Charisma rating is highly debatable, but I think I've lowered it to a decent enough level. Being a human, he still has more charisma than say.......a mind flayer.....on crack......with the bubonic plague......on crack.)

When asked about his past or what he was doing in the sewer, MEKRATH barely flinches under his grimy cowl. In a low and creepy tone, he tells you you'd better be more concerned with getting him another planar gem, or else he is going destroy you. Nice guy, really.


There are going to be two major quests. The first will simply require you having him in the party and going to the right place to start it off, while the second is much more involved, as you have to be deep in the Romance to trigger it. There will definately be at least three encounters in ToB directly related to the Romance, as well.

Mekrath isn't exactly the active socialite regarding his past, but as the story progresses, he does love to rant. If you want the intricate and dark backstory on this guy, you are encouraged to go through with the Romance, though just as a straight-up party member, I can guarantee BGII will not be boring if just for the dialogue, which turns.

He has at least three banters with every character (working on it; possibly two more for ToB), lots of interjections and a couple in particular where conversation can get much deeper.

S'it for now.

#28 khay


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Posted 18 February 2004 - 01:59 PM

Goodie goodie, I`m looking forward to it! ^_^

...and a special ending with a character whom I shall not name at present time if he or she is in your party when you reach the end of the game and you haven't romanced Mekrath...

Why do I have the feeling that it`s Edwin?

And what`s happening with the poor polymorphed troll?

#29 The Masked Marionette

The Masked Marionette
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Posted 19 February 2004 - 12:16 PM

Just wanted to show my support for you, shfelliotrpg (trying to say that how it's spelt is fun!). You've got really craaaaazy ideas, and they're awesome. I'm likin' the sound of Threp'Kas especially.

I'd offer help with the writing, but I'm notoriously lazy and unreliable when it comes to any work-related commitment. -_-

But I'm rooting for ya! ^_^

...Mmm... mind flayer flesh...
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#30 Shfelliot

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Posted 21 February 2004 - 07:03 PM

Threp'Kas, as I have neglected to mention, actually might be ready to beta testing in the near future. He already has three encounters (Sallam's group being one), one of which is specifically for ToB. There two quests planned for the moment, the first of which I'm actually almost finished with, which involves a rumored cure for TK's condition.

He has two planned banters with each major NPC in SoA (possibly one additional for each in ToB), and has four banters with Nalia with involve some PC choices. It is *very* easy for Nalia and TK to go hostile on each other (after all, he WAS sort of originally planning to lead his band of trolls to take over De'Arnise Keep with Tor'Gal's band), so you have to be very careful what you say.

I honestly don't like the idea of just immediately *creating* a hostile situation between characters who don't get along thus losing party members. The PC; the main character's responsibility as leader is to find a way for the people he or she chooses to travel with him/her to coexist. I believe firmly in the fact with my NPCs, there will be tension with the people they would naturally come into conflict with due to alignments and beliefs, and a high chance the two NPCs will come to blows. I give the player choices in the , and it is their responsibility to try to defuse the situation, else the NPCs will come into conflict. These will not be easy selections, and in TK's case, with Nalia especially, there is only *one* choice that will ensure one will not kill the other. Other NPCs that TK comes into possible hostile conflict with with are Keldorn and Mazzy.

(There is a notable exception with Mekrath. If Haer'Dalis stays in the party too long with Mekkie, there will be dire consequences for the bard.)

TK also has numerous interjections at nearly *every* major quest point and major NPC in SoA and ToB, and I can almost guarantee you won't be disappointed. I have yet to write his ToB ending.

Threp'Kas is a straight human fighter NPC. Because he was formerly a troll, he finds armor too cumbersome and thus cannot wear it. He can only increase his weapon skills in Clubs and single-weapon fighting, and cannot dual-wield. He cannot dual-class. Also, the polymorphing spell used on him was unique in that it disables him from using any strength-enhancing items. He also has none of the Troll's unique regeneration powers. He may get a couple of special bonuses, but not likely.

I'd like to say for the record Threp'Kas is a tad unusual because he is not designed a 'make-my-party better NPC'; at least not for the majority of the game (the ending is not completely decided yet). His stats are sub-par at best. Rather, if you are going to take TK along, prepare for a bumpy, extremely painful ride of someone who probably will be doing very little damage to most enemies and probably unable to hit most mages. He also has a tendency to start up fights with all the wrong individuals.

The point being, TK is a storyline-based character, who one appreciates through his interjections and comments to various individuals. You're not advised to take this mod on if this is your first BG playthrough, but rather if you've been playing enough that you need something to spice the game up a little when you're talking to Phaere for the thousandth time and wish someone had the guts to tell her she's 'uglier than the wart hairs on the bottom of TK's pet ettercap.' There is a LOT of humor in this mod, often unintentional on TK's part.

Here are his current stats and information. Threp'Kas is a bitter, bitter individual surrounding becoming a human, and learns all about his limitations the most painful ways imaginable. He is stubborn, arrogant, and blunt as hell.

Name: Threp'Kas
Race: Human (formerly troll)
Alignment: Neutral Evil

STR: 10
CON: 9
DEX: 9
INT: 10 (he's actually quite smart for his race; so this might be his most notable feature, since it has not changed0
WIS: 5
CHA: 6

When asked about his past, THREP'KAS stares at you menacingly, growls, and thocks you on the head with his mighty club. Once the proud chieftan of a powerful tribe of trolls, he has been relegated into the body of a human male, something he calls his 'squishie shell' and lost his tribe in the process. (to be cont'd)
As of right now, I have no 'official' portrait or voice set for him, though I'm looking, and a voice set might not be too far off. For now, I don't think I have to be too descriptive; imagine a human with ruffled hair and absolutely creepy eyes...I'm considering completely green eyes. (pupil and all)

#31 khay


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Posted 06 March 2004 - 01:51 AM

First of all I hope the projects are still going on, cause I`m really looking forward to both.


Threp'Kas is a bitter, bitter individual surrounding becoming a human, and learns all about his limitations the most painful ways imaginable.

His stats are truly disgusting and I personally don`t see a reason to take him in my party, except for a good laugh (and I have to admit, it`s a great laugh :P). Perhaps it could be possible for him to get his stats upgraded once he learns and gets used to being a human? I don`t know, a quest or something; I think you mentioned that he`s going to have a quest in which he`s almost transformed back to a troll -- well if the transformation doesn`t succeed, he might meditate about things for a while and realize that being human isn`t as bad as he initially thought. Perhaps a stat boost could happen then? Please? :unsure:

#32 Linele

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Posted 07 June 2004 - 03:01 PM

Any more news on these projects? I'd love to play both of them, and would offer to help, were it not for the fact that I have absolutely no useful skills.

#33 -Notmrt-

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Posted 07 June 2004 - 03:04 PM

Looks intresting

Hm no skill i doubt that ;) any skill can be lernt

#34 khay


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Posted 08 June 2004 - 02:32 AM

Everyone`s good at something and !MrT is right.

I sure hope shfelliotrpg is still considering to finish these projects. :(

#35 Xaositect_Crayon

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Posted 08 June 2004 - 07:39 PM

you're good with dialog...
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#36 -Vile Lasagna-

-Vile Lasagna-
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Posted 24 January 2008 - 06:24 PM

This Lasagna believes that no matter how many years ago this was apparently dropped, this is too good a mod to go unfinished. Although I would make him soewhat different (older and more obsessive (pseudo-erudite) while less of a buffoon (I would definetely keep "dammit!" as one of his main lines though)), the whole core of this is simply beautiful.
As for sexual preference, he did enslave haer dalis instead of fulminating him, this would strike me as a clue towards specific..tastes....

This mod needs to be salvaged and finished. If it were, I believe it would end up as one of the best npc mods for BG2.

#37 Kulyok

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Posted 24 January 2008 - 11:46 PM

Have you played Mekrath's romantic encounter in, well, Romantic Encounters?

#38 -Vile Lasagna-

-Vile Lasagna-
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Posted 07 March 2008 - 11:39 AM

There´s more to a charactr than a name and official side-quest. It's not really about being a "Mekrath Romance" it's about developing a
promising view of a character. The romance in Romantic Encounters has nothing to do with this so it can hardly be compared, since the
Mekrath is a completely different character, or so it would seem to me