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Challenge #18: Short tale about the marriage of a dwarf and a halfling

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Posted 31 March 2009 - 11:24 AM

The anti-mirracle has happened, the Imp is again at it.
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Challenge #18: Short tale about the marriage of a dwarf and a halfling.

Jan Jansen: So, I heard you had a tale about the marriage of a dwarf and a halfling.
Mazzy Fentan: Well yes, it was interesting that we one night...
Korgan Bloodaxe: In short, it didn't happen...
Mazzy: Shut up.
Korgan: No, you shut up.
Mazzy: Mmhh- haa. If I could, I would, but I can't, so I won't.
Korgan: What?
Mazzy: Kiss you.
Korgan: What?
Mazzy: In your dreams.
Korgan: Arg.
Mazzy: Had you not the beard...
Korgan: That's it, I am dwarf, we were never married and I will always have a beard.
Mazzy: Yes and no.
Korgan: Yes and no?
Mazzy: Yes and no. The dwarfs will always have a beard, but as you are not a dwarf, you don't need a beard.
Korgan: Not a dwarf? Don't need a beard?
Mazzy: No, not a dwarf, so I'll just get the razor and clean you off of it.
Korgan: Razor? Razor! I am a dwarf and you'll bring no razor near me or I'll have your guts on mi axe.
Mazzy: Ah well, there went that kiss then. Ahh, what a dwarf would do to not to be kissed by a halfling..?
Korgan: Take a bath!
Mazzy: You would?
Korgan: No. Well yeah, but only not to be kissed by a halfling, and this means only in the most serious situation under the most excessive pressure, NOT TO BE KISSED BY a HALFLING.
Mazzy: So will you?
Korgan: No, the situation is not that sever, and I couldn't know how much worse it could get, as it possibly might just make you worse out for me.
Mazzy: Erm.
Korgan: You know I love you.
Mazzy: No! That...
Korgan: Good, cause it's never going to happen!
Mazzy: Erm, good.
Korgan: Good? Good, finally we agree. -Erm, Good?- No, I am evil, Chaotic Evil, and that's as evil as you can get!
Mazzy: How about the Lawful Evil guys, they bend the law just to get what they want.
Korgan: Yeah, and we smash that law just to get rid of them.
Mazzy: So you kill the bad guys, and you think you are Evil?
Korgan: Yea- well, we are worse than them, cause we brake stuff and we are alive and they ain't. Besides...
Mazzy: So a Lich has nothing on you, cause you are -alive?
Korgan: Arg, you are trying to trick me, aren't you. Well, I'll show your Lich my Axe, and we'll see who is then the bad guy. And then, don't be broken up about loosing a fiend...
Mazzy: No, I won't, honey.
Korgan: I told you, we weren't, and we will never be married, honey, I was just too drunk and the gold ring you had was just from an orc! Now, if that's it, I'll go a head to do some scouting.
Mazzy: Yeah honey, I'll just go and wake the others...
Mazzy: Hihih.
Jan: You'll never going to let him in on the joke.
Mazzy: Hih. And neither are you, for both of our sake.


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