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Pain Mirror

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#1 Hannibal

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Posted 02 July 2009 - 06:18 PM

Currently, the only way to get a copy of this spell seems to be if you ignore Mebbeth and wait until you meet Lady Thorncombe for your mage training. Which is hardly practical, especially if you want to play TNO as a mage in the first place.

So, I request adding Pain Mirror to the spells Lady Thorncombe sells regularly as a tweak, or making it availabe otherwise. It's basically a lesser version of Balance in All Things, (though admittedly, it's only a level 2 spell) so having access to it at that point hardly leads to balance problems.

#2 Qwinn

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Posted 03 July 2009 - 10:26 PM

I'll take a good look at this when I do my next test run. Thanks for the heads up :)


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#3 -bob-

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Posted 13 September 2015 - 11:18 PM

you can learn 'balance in all things' from the circle of zerthimon from dakon, different name but essentialy the same spell I believe.